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Bookanista: Across The Universe by Beth Revis

Okay, me fail–I was supposed to post this yesterday. Heck, I was supposed to post all sorts of things this week, but again with the fail.

Le sigh.

Anyway… I don’t want that to take away from the awesome that is Across the Universe by Beth Revis.

This book.


This Book.


Yes, it’s like that. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to throw it across the room-and that was all in the first chapter. No, seriously. It’s HANDS DOWN the best first chapter I’ve ever read.

So, I’ll pause while you go read it.


Yeah–best first chapter EVER, right? So, here’s the thing–the worry I had. That first chapter was so good, would the rest of the book live up to it? Uhh–it surpassed it. Every single word of this book is amazing. It’s not just the story, it’s the way she tells it. Beth has a way with words that is truly unique, and fantastic. You have to read this book, I promise the rest is just as good as the first chapter, and if that’s not enough awesome for you–the author is giving away a signed ARC on her site right now.

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Amie Kaufman

Sunday 10th of October 2010

Wow, what a review. Isn't it funny how sometimes when something starts off amazingly, you actually do worry that it can't possibly go on? I've even put books down and wandered off for anything from an hour to a day, delaying what seems like it must be the inevitable. I'm obviously on a slow learning curve, as those books usually live up to all my hopes and expectations. Sounds like this one certainly does.


Friday 8th of October 2010

Wow, that IS a powerful first chapter! This sounds great and I love the cover! Another one for my To Buy pile!

Carolyn V

Friday 8th of October 2010

You know, I've started taking the names of books I want to read on a big, big list. This one is at the top!

Kelly Dexter

Friday 8th of October 2010

This sounds so good, and my God, is that cover beautiful!

Katrina Lantz

Friday 8th of October 2010

Okay, you're right. That is an incredible chapter one. Can't wait to read the rest! Why oh why must I wait for Across the Universe and Possession?!