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I have a little something special for you guys today.

Today is the first launch of the new book review bloggers –

The Bookanistas:

Books are the New Black.

I know what you’re thinking… what the heck are Bookanistas? Well, rest easy, because I am here to explain:

We’re a group of writers in all different stages of the publishing process that review super special books we that knock our socks off. The cool part is, because we’re writers too, and we know how tough this crazy business can be, we will only be posting positive reviews.

Because, dude- no one wants to read a review of a bad book, let alone write one. So, from the Bookanistas, you’ll see nothing but love!

On Thursdays, we’ll post reviews that cover various topicsโ€“ upcoming ARCs, books we love, special diamonds in the rough, classics, and even cover reviews.

Look for the bookanista badge at the blogs of some of my favorite writing friends:

Christine Fonseca, Jamie Harrington (that’s me), Michelle Hodkin, Kirsten Hubbard, Shelli Johannes-Wells, Elana Johnson, Myra McEntire, Shannon Messenger, Carolina Valdez Miller, Coli Pinnell, Beth Revis, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Sarah Frances and Katie, and Scott Tracey

And, since earlier this week was Barry Lyga Rocks Day, and because Barry Lyga does, indeed, ROCK– I want to tell you about his fantastic new novel, ARCHVILLAIN.

First, let’s talk about the amazingness that is the cover–holy crap, this takes my font love to a whole new level. I want every book I ever write to have a title in that font *stops to email Mary Kole and ask if this can be put in all my book contracts* and I LOVE the color–it’s way cooler in person, all dark purple and full of fantasticness.

But enough about the cover–let’s talk about the STORY When Kyle’s being all pranktastic, he discovers an alien dude, Mike–and he has all these plans to foil Mike’s plans. Only problem is, everyone thinks Mike is some sort of hero, and Kyle has to play the part of ARCHVILLAIN.

And, you know how I LOVE a good villain story…

This book is awesome–READ IT!

And here are the bookanistas participating this week:

Katie and Sarah Frances – ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS


Lisa and Laura – STRANDED

Christine Fonesca – NIGHTSHADE CITY

Shannon Messenger – LINGER

Shelli Johannes-Wells – DARK GODDESS

Scott Tracey – OTHER

Kirsten Hubbard – THE DUFF

Beth Revis – PEGASUS

Carolina Valdez Miller – MATCHED

Coli Pinnell and Suzette Saxton

The Bookanistas think books are the best accessory. If you would like one of us to review your book or ARC, feel free to contact me and we will add it to our list.

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  1. That is a great cover – I always judge books by their covers. The one I’m obsessed with right now is the cover for The Sky is Everywhere. Archvillian sounds great – thanks for the review! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That cover is totally awesome, and I’ve been meaning to pick up something by Barry Lyga for months. Thanks, Jamie!

  3. I’ve actually read this one, and it DEFINITELY falls into the Awesomesauce category. Not that I’m surprised. Everything Barry does is Made of win.

    Great review! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Don’t tell anyone, but it will be the first Barry Lyga book I’ll read… shh… Apparently I’ve been missing out on a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @Elana Johnson, oh you must must MUST read Goth Girl… seriously, stop what you’re doing and READ it!

    1. @Carolina Valdez Miller, YES! I love that the idea of the story is just so freakin’ fantastic!

  5. I keep hearing about this book. Can’t WAIT to read! Yay Bookanistas!

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