Birthdays and Barry

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Okay, for starters–it’s my fabulous agent of amazing, Mary Kole’s birthday. So I teamed up* with a couple of her other clients, Jenny Martin and Karsten Knight, and we made this little video for her.

Happy Birthday MK!

Today is also Barry Lyga Rocks day, and he does- indeed -rock. But, I have a big post already planned for Thursday telling you just how much he rocks. So, for today, I will just leave you with that little teaser, eh?

*Okay, by teamed up–I really mean that Jenny did all the work and I just mailed her 30 seconds of footage. Sowhat?!

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  1. That was hilarious!!! I hope it made Mary’s birthday especially awesome. It looks like she has some coooool clients 🙂

  2. Don’t say that in front of the kids, Jamie! We totally teamed up, sans asterisk.And your song was hilarious. 🙂