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It’s HERE!

The first WriteOnCon girls to have their book published. I couldn’t be more excited for them if it was my own story.

If you want to win a copy, then head over to WriteOnCon RIGHT NOW and win signed copies, hair dye, fancy jewelry, and so much more!

Way to go LiLa!


*Seriously, we’re talking actual tears.

Matthew Rush

Friday 4th of March 2011

I told LiLa this the other day, but I'll repeat it here because they're that awesome.

As a studly, hairy man-dude who usually likes books with a lot of sword fights, dragons, magic and adventure I would normally not ever pick this book up.

But because I know Lisa and Laura and I had an ARC I'm reading it right now and I am very impressed. I'm only 100 pages in, but Kate's brilliant humor, her honesty, and her chutzpa are freaking hilarious. Her voice is also utterly authentic without being annoying.

Knowing LiLa, I suppose I'm not surprised, but I am pleased.

Carolina Valdez Miller

Thursday 3rd of March 2011

Yay LiLa! So happy for them. You guys are doing something really terrific with Write On Con for them! Such good friends!


Tuesday 1st of March 2011

I stopped by your blog today. Ann

Lisa and Laura

Tuesday 1st of March 2011

THANK YOU Jamie!!! Can't imagine where we'd be without WriteOnCon!