It’s HERE!

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The first WriteOnCon girls to have their book published. I couldn’t be more excited for them if it was my own story.

If you want to win a copy, then head over to WriteOnCon RIGHT NOW and win signed copies, hair dye, fancy jewelry, and so much more!

Way to go LiLa!


*Seriously, we’re talking actual tears.

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  1. I told LiLa this the other day, but I’ll repeat it here because they’re that awesome.

    As a studly, hairy man-dude who usually likes books with a lot of sword fights, dragons, magic and adventure I would normally not ever pick this book up.

    But because I know Lisa and Laura and I had an ARC I’m reading it right now and I am very impressed. I’m only 100 pages in, but Kate’s brilliant humor, her honesty, and her chutzpa are freaking hilarious. Her voice is also utterly authentic without being annoying.

    Knowing LiLa, I suppose I’m not surprised, but I am pleased.