Women Blog About Nothing

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I made an off handed comment the other night that I feel way guilty for.*

We were sitting around a table, chit-chatting away about blogs, twitter, and the Internet in general. Someone mentioned that even though it seems like more women than men are blogging, that isn’t the case– men outnumber women bloggers by quite a bit.
Everyone stopped to ponder this little nugget.
Why then, are we so focused on marketing at women via social media of all these men are out there every day touting their expert on the world wide web?
“Because women blog about nothing,” I said.
And then I hated myself for the stereotype I’d just placed on my entire gender. My point was, that men tend to have a blog with a specific topic, if they’re into cars, they redo an old camaro and chronicle it for the world to see, or if they love beer, they try a different one every day for a year and review it on a tumblr account.
They stay single-minded in their blogs, and don’t use them as a multi-purpose catch all the way many women do.
What I should have said was, “Women Blog About Everything.”
That sounds much better, don’t you think?


*This probably happens more times than I care to mention.

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  1. Don’t back down, Jamie. You said the first thing that came to your mind, and that’s probably just you how you feel.

    Stand up for what you believe!

  2. I think your comment is valid. I’m going to make a sweeping generalizations here (I know no there are a ton of exceptions) but men obsess, specialize and focus at the cost of everything else. Women multi-task and prioritize.

    Neither is better, just different strengths.

  3. Men tend to be more compartmentalized in their lives. A great example is when I go shopping with my hubby. I’m all like, ooooh look at this and this is so cool, and he is like Ok got the milk, let’s go. I think women tend to be more capable of multitasking and seeing the bigger picture. Don’t you think?

  4. Nice save! In reality, I think and of course I can’t find the stats to back up this wacky notion that women rule social media by a landslide.

  5. I know women who have focused blogs too, covering subjects such as house renovation, their children, running, and cooking. Perhaps these types of blogs aren’t as popular among women, though I have no data about that.

  6. Aw, Jamie! I say stuff like that, too. It’s okay; we mean well.

    And you’re right – men tend to be more focussed generally. They’re more likely to be really into one hobby like baseball or model trains or sci-fi fandom.

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