Driving a Different Car…

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As most of you know, I’ve spent the last few weeks driving around in a Chevy Malibu sponsored by the North Texas Chevy Dealers.

heh, I am sponsored by the North Texas Chevy Dealers… that’s pretty cool, right?

The thing is, I wouldn’t normally pick a four door sedan type car to drive, I wouldn’t normally drive a red car, and I wouldn’t normally drive something so smooth.

But, I love it. It’s all super suave and makes me feel like a total grown-up. People compliment me on my cool car all the time and I just smile and say thank you.

You see, it’s cool playing the role of fancy Chevy Malibu car girl, and I love that it makes me be a different person for a month.

I have to give it back soon, and I will be Jeep girl again… but for now, let’s just pretend like that doesn’t have to happen. 🙂

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  1. There is nothing most cool than driving a “cool car” yes I said it. I had a similar experience like you. From my old Nissan to a Golf GTI 2010 turbo. Awesome experience! Yes it was like 20 mins but worth it.

  2. Oh, It’s so pretty! Jeeps are awesome too though. I’m still in a minivan. But I love embarrassing my teen/preteen in that thing. =)