Candy Pop Popcorn Is Releasing Sour Patch Kids Flavored Popcorn For The Perfect Sweet And Sour Duo

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Move over sweet and spicy, sour is taking over spicy for a sweet and sour duo flavored snack.

Courtesy of @sourpatchkids

Candy Pop Popcorn has said good riddance to their extra sweet popcorn and have decided to make our lips pucker and our faces flinch with flavor.

Sour Patch Kids and Candy Pop Popcorn are teaming up for a sweet and sour flavored popcorn!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

The bite sized popcorn bits are made with real sour patch kids candy so you can expect to see real sour gummies combined with every popcorn kernel.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

From the looks of the bag, each popcorn piece will be mix-matched with different flavored sour patch kids and several gummy colors making this bag of popcorn, a very colorful treat!

Courtesy of @sourpatchkids

So far there’s no news on when the new popcorn/sour patch kids flavored snack will release.

However, @markie_devo who dropped the image of the sweet and sour duo on Instagram noted that this snack will be debuted at this year’s Sweet & Snack Candy Expo in Indiana, so here’s hoping we see the new sweet treat in candy aisles real soon!

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