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You Can Get A Cat Bed That Looks Like A Mug Of Coffee And It’s Adorable

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Cuddly kitty alert!! Cuteness overload.

You have been warned. Proceed with copious amounts of kitty cat caution.


Now, you can get a CATFEINE Cup Bed for your fur baby, and it’s totally adorbs!

This Cat Bed is handmade in the U.S. using a wood and carpet design to make this masterpiece of epic cute cat proportions.


Never before has carpet and wood been put together into something I absolutely must have quite like this Catfeine Cup Cat Bed!!

The kitty and I are both super happy with it. It’s heavy enough to stay in place when she gets super playful. Love it!!

Etsy Reviews

This Catfeine Cup Cat Bed is designed to look like a mug — perhaps of coffee — and your cat can crawl into the middle of it for the sweetest cup of coffee ever.

If it fits, it sits, right?!? Haha!


The Catfeine Cup Cat Bed can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

And the best news, it ships for FREE!


Cats fighting over the bed!! they love it. The seller was pleasant, fast and responded to messages fast. The Bed is great quality. I think might get another for upstairs.

Etsy Reviews

This handmade Cat Bed is only going to set you back $169, and you AND your kitty are going to LOVE it!

You can get your own Catfeine Cat Bed from the CaptCatnip shop on Etsy.


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