5 Reasons Why December Babies Rock

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My birthday is December 5th. Just long enough after Thanksgiving and Black Friday that no one wants to go out and do something, and just enough into the month that there’s sure to be a Christmas party on my birthday.

There’s some things about having a birthday in December that sucks:

  • For the first ten years of my life I never had a “real” birthday party because my family was attending the National Finals Rodeo
  • All of my friends forgot my Sweet Sixteen party because a shrew of a teacher decided to have a last minute exam and everyone hunkered down to study instead of coming to my party
  • Inevitably people will have to chose holiday or family obligations over whatever party I might have
  • You only get one time a year to get presents/throw a party/etc

But you know what?

December birthdays rock.


5 Reasons Why December Babies Rock

1. You know what’s 40 days after December? Valentine’s Day.

Yup. Chances are high that kids like me had parents who knew how to treat each other right on a day that celebrates all things love. We’re born with love in our hearts and stars in our eyes!

2. Literally stars.

Most people born in December are Sagitarioius’, and we’re pretty bad ass. I mean, what other star sign comes equipped to kick booty? We’ve got a centaur body and we carry a bow and arrow. Plus, December babies are the embodiment of Christmas. In general, we are open, caring, warm, magnanimous. We’re optimistic about the holiday, our future and how things are going. We’ve got a real zest for life.

If you don’t go for the astrology, then you can probably appreciate that no one else is going to share the birth month of a god heralded by a star. Even if you don’t ascribe to Christianity, there aren’t many other people who can claim that they were born in the same season as a literal deity.

3. The food!

Let’s be honest, winter birthdays are awesome because we don’t have to worry about fitting into a bikini after our cocktails and cake party. Bring on the strawberry sparkling wine and another helping of whatever that cheese covered dish is, because I’m not going to worry about my weight or resolutions until next month.

4. The presents.

There’s this horrible stereotype that December babies don’t get a lot of gifts. And while that may be true when it comes to fringe friends and office parties, it’s so not true for our inner circle and our families would never dare of combining a Christmas and birthday present. Believe me, I tried talking my parents into it one year and you’d have thought I was trying to kill kittens. We get all the coolest stuff everyone’s been hoarding all year, and no one thinks twice when we buy ourselves a little something extra while holiday shopping.

5. The parties.

Everyone knows the parties are coming in December. They’re primed and ready to attend. The key is, if you want to have a birthday party, schedule it early. Or, do what I do, and attend everyone else’s party. When they remember your birthday was the other day, suddenly you get your own birthday feature in the middle of someone else’s party. (Really I’m just lazy and forget to plan something so my friends strong-arm me into it). You can literally make the whole month one, long birthday celebration.

So rock on my fellow glitter, bedazzled and jolly December siblings. Our season is almost here!

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  1. Happy Birthday in advance!!! Mine’s Dec. 25th.. I take it as an honor and actually thought when I was a child that all the town being lit up was just for me .. lol