This Cat Is A Thief And Its Owner Publicly Exposed Her So Neighbors Could Reclaim Stolen Items

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There is a cat named Esme that lives in Beaverton, Oregon… Esme is a thief… a well-known cat burglar!


Most cats bring you dead rodents and birds as gifts, but Esme brings the human she loves actual gifts that she has taken from the neighbors.


Small items like used face masks, gloves, even a taxidermy bat, and anything else she can pick up with her mouth and drag home to her owner, Kate Felmet.

Kate hand illustrated a sign with Esme’s likeness on it holding a glove in her mouth.

My cat is a thief. Please take these items if they are yours.

The sign reads

Next to it she strung up a wire clothesline and clipped all of the stolen goods to it so that neighbors could reclaim the items that Esme had taken from them.


Some people have stopped by and reclaimed their missing gardening gloves and anything else Esme had taken from them, but there are items that haven’t been reclaimed yet.


Public shaming sometimes goes a long way with humans, however knowing cats… I really don’t think they give a crap about what people think.

It’s my opinion that cats will always do what they want and that Esme will continue in her klepto ways!

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