Cutting Board Drawer Hack

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I’m always running out of counter space in my tiny kitchen and looking for solutions when I am trying to prep for a meal! This Cutting Board Drawer Hack is just the perfect solution! I can’t wait to share this simple, but total palm-to-forehead idea with you!

Cutting Board Drawer Hack

To get started with this Cutting Board Drawer Hack you will need:

  • A drawer
  • A small cutting board

Here’s how to create this Cutting Board Drawer Hack:

1. Open any drawer in your kitchen.

Cutting Board Drawer Hack

2. Find a cutting board that is long enough to sit on top of the drawer (it can even hang over the edges) and set it on top of the drawer.

Cutting Board Drawer Hack

You are all set! Now you just have to prep for your dinner!

Cutting Board Hack

I love how this hack frees up counter space which is something we all seem to need more of especially when cooking.

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