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市Doritos Just Released Ketchup and Spicy Mustard Flavored Chips Inspired by Our Favorite Condiments

If you’ve ever stuffed chips in your sandwich for an extra layer of crunch, there’s now more of a reason to do just that.

Courtesy of @doritos

Considering Doritos recent inspiration of flavor, the infamous chip brand wants to dress up your burger or hotdog without actually having to use any condiments to do so.

Courtesy of @jnkyrdnyc

Introducing Ketchup and Spicy Mustard Doritos chips to sandwich in-between to sliced halves of bread!

Originally from Canada, the two flavors were recently welcomed to the U.S. so we too, can level up our burgers with an extra crunch and the same great taste of the classic ketchup and burger duo.

Courtesy of @markie_devo

So for the geniuses who have been stuffing chips in their sandwich, hoagies, or burgers, these flavors are for you.

Courtesy of @mnmtwinz

Dressed in bright red and yellow decorated bags, each chip bag is your typical size snack bag to share, or not to share.

Courtesy of @junkfoodmom

You can find the new condiment inspired chips unfortunately not stocked on store shelves, however they are available online and at least you don’t have to leave your couch to purchase theses chips!

Courtesy of @doritos

Available to snag at, bring these flavored chips to your next barbecue because they’ll surely be a hit.

Courtesy of @doritos