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15 Doctor Who Party Ideas for Tweens

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If your tween loves Doctor Who, surprising him or her with a Doctor Who themed party may just result in exclamations of “Fantastic!”

Planning a Doctor Who party can be accomplished easily with a few tips from entertaining expert Jennifer Carver of Spaceships and Laser Beams.  Jennifer has rounded up creative ideas from invitations, to themed décor and refreshments and even party favors!

Allons-y! (that’s French for “let’s go” and fans of the 10th Doctor Who know it well!)

The Doctor party ideas feature

Invitations for Your Doctor Who Party

Sending out a blue Tardis (Police call box) invitation, will set the stage for a fantastic Dr. Who themed party.  So recognizable, guests will immediately know the theme!  Invite guests to join you “in time and space” for “regeneration” and provide the coordinates for doing so. Here are some of our favorite free printable Tardis invitations:

For a fun twist, invite guests to come dressed as their favorite Doctor, alien or companion. (Note from Jamie: I would go as River Song, darling.)

Decorations for Your Doctor Who Party

“Geronimo”!  It’s time to jump into Dr. Who party decorating ideas.  Keeping the blue Tardis in mind, decorating in similar shades of blue would be appropriate.  If possible, recreate the Tardis from an oversized refrigerator box and spray paint or use painter’s tape to turn your front door into a Tardis like this idea from SewCreative.  Not only will it serve as a great scene setter, but it could be a fun photo op too.  Big bonus points if you can figure out a way to make the inside of the Tardis bigger than the outside!

Of course traditional party décor like balloons and banners are appropriate.  You can print a cute Dr. Who banner from Oh!MyFiesta, but you can just keep to your Dr. Who inspired color scheme and include a few key characters or images to tie in to your Doctor Who themed birthday party.  These hilarious Dalek poster from BoingBoing can be printed from the internet. Many commercial products also exist for purchase online, such as plates, napkins and cups, or you can use basic items and add your own printable embellishments like giant-confetti circles from ATypicalEnglishHome for an all-out coordinated look.

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Dr. Who Party Treats

Nothing screams “Dr. Who” party more than a table of themed refreshments.  Serve “fish fingers” and custard (a cookie “fish finger” may be a tastier alternative or something like these pancake dipper from LadyBehindtheCurtain).  Add in Weeping Angels, Tardis or Dalek cookies; or maybe a dozen monster cupcakes like these from TheBakerUpstairs.  How about giving a Whovian twist to traditional fare with a little blue food coloring?  Blue velvet cupcakes and blue “wibbily wobbly timey wimey” Jell-O are just a couple of ideas.  Add festive party picks with Tardis toppers to complete the look. Jammie Dodgers like these from Culinary Ginger can be made ahead with a little effort and are a great choice—because everyone knows how much the Doctor loves them. Or, make SugarBeanBakers 3D Glasses Cookies, To keep guests hydrated, have a beverage cart with “sonic screwdrivers” made from orange juice, peaches, lemonade, mint leaves and ice, or another suitable non-alcoholic recipe. Don’t forget to have an awesome 3D Cake Topper like this one from a TurtlesLifeforMe!

No Dr. Who Party is Complete without Favors

Want to send your Doctor Who fans home with a theme appropriate favor?

You can send them home with these ADORABLE Tardis and Dalek sparkle crayons.

Or, you can dress up blue favor bags to look like the Tardis or print Tardis favor boxes from ATypicalEnglishHome.  Fill the bags with out-of-this world treats, or how about throwing in a Fez hat or bow tie (you can make your own like these from ABeautifulMess)?  Even a cool bookmark is awesomeness. Whovians will love all of the takeaways related to the show!

With so many fantastic ideas to choose from, planning an out-of-this-world Doctor Who party for tweens may just make your day and theirs!

15 Doctor Who party ideas

Looking for more awesome party ideas? Check-out our entertaining expert Jennifer Carver’s plethora of cool parties over at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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