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This Giant Ice Tray Hack Will Keep Your Food Cold During Those Hot Summer Parties

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We are in the hottest part of the summer.

How do we enjoy this crazy summer heat? Outdoor cookouts and pool parties!

And, what do cookouts and pool parties have in common? Food.

But, how do you go about keeping that food cold in the devastatingly hot weather? Ain’t nobody got time to get food poisoning from food that’s gotten too warm for too long.

That’s what makes this giant oversized ice tray hack so cool!

I love single-use disposable foil entertaining pans. I use the heck out of them when it comes to making food for cookouts and parties.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? You can get these disposable foil entertaining pans from the Amazon website.


How To Make A Giant Ice Tray To Keep Your Food Cold

You’re going to need a couple of these big disposable foil pans. That’s first and foremost.

Now, according to Shannon McNitt on TikTok, you fill one of the disposable foil pans 1/3 full of water. Just tap water will be fine.

Then you throw it in the freezer, make sure it’s level, and let it get nice and icy hard.

When you are ready to eat, you put your food in an empty disposable foil pan, and put that pan on top of the disposable pan with the ice in it.

Voila. Keeps your food nice and chilled.

You can take this trick to the next level by following the instructions of @Joywhodat on TikTok.

You’re still going to fill an empty disposable pan with water, and put it in the freezer.

But then, you’re going to put empty disposable pans on top of that water-filled pan until they float.

Now, you want to weigh down the empty pans and let the whole thing freeze.

When you’re ready to eat, pull the trays out of the freezer. You will notice the ice in the bottom pan will have frozen up around the empty pans.

Put your food in the empty pans, and it will be nice and chilled all around.

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