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This Guy is Currently Eating Pancakes in A Diner and TikTok is Here For It

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Eating pancakes is a pretty normal thing, especially for breakfast.

But what happens when you have to do nothing but eat pancakes for 24 hours?

It sounds quite insane right? Like who could eat that many pancakes for that long?

Well, this guy filmed himself doing that very thing…


Turns out, he lost a fantasy football bet and his punishment was to sit in a diner for 24 hours.

The caveat was, he could get time taken off for every pancake he ate.


In his first video, he explained the terms to the waitress and ate 3 pancakes.

His video went viral with over 15 million views so people wanted more and he certainly delivered…

So far, he is at 5 pancakes in with being there for about 5 hours. His waitress seems to be having a blast with him though.

People are so invested and want to know how long he can last, how many pancakes he eats, etc.

You can follow along on his journey to eat pancakes and spend 24 hours in a diner on his TikTok here.

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