Hey Bachelor, That On Camera Breakup Was So Unnecessary

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“I am so *@&#*($ embarrassed.” Becca says to Arie. And we felt it. We really felt it. As he waited on all the cameramen to walk into the room before he broke her heart right there on National TV. “I hope you get what you want.” She says as she gets the courage to look him in the eye, “It’s clearly not me.”

Bachelor on Camera Breakup With Becca and Arie

Then, like any self respecting woman would when faced with cameras in her face, she says out loud to no one in particular, “Okay. I’m done,” and leaves to pack her bags.

Becca wants Arie to Go

And that should have been the end of that. But it wasn’t

He follows her into the bedroom, and like a gentleman, tells her that he will be the one to leave. But then he just stands there and Becca finally has to say, “I want you to go.”

So he walks out the door, and we just hear Becca’s sobs. These sobs WERE NOT NECESSARY ABC! Listening to this woman get her heart broken like that, feeling her pain. This doesn’t make for good TV. This makes for heart breaking TV. She didn’t deserve that. Just let her be sad in peace.



He knocks on the door and asks Becca if she’s okay.

No, Arie. You idiot, you just broke off an engagement ON CAMERA. SHE WANTS YOU TO LEAVE. YOU SAID YOU WOULD LEAVE!

So, this is where he leaves, right?

asshole arie sits on the couch

Nope. He stays. He sits right there on the couch. Making some good TV. While we watch POOR BECCA crying on the split screen. THIS GIRL. THIS GIRL DID NOT DESERVE THIS. WHY ARE WE STILL WATCHING THIS?

I feel like I should turn it off. She just keeps saying how embarrassing it is. He keeps asking if she can talk.

TALK ABOUT WHAT?!? Becca is all, “I don’t think you have anything else to say.” And she’s right. What could he POSSIBLY have to say right now?

Then they come back to the host with the most and he’s like, “We’re not done yet.”

WHAT?! WHY?! The studio audience doesn’t even know how to take it.

I can’t believe Becca hasn’t thrown something at ‘ol Arie’s head yet. This girl has some serious restraint. Kudos to her.

Ugh, why would they show this to us like this. It’s so awful. It’s so quiet. Her heartbreak is SO quiet. She showed up at this house thinking they were going to spend the weekend together, and instead got THIS.

All she can do is hide her face. That would be all I could do at that point, too!

Becca hides her face

I can’t believe she sat down with him. This girl, how is she able to do this? This just is NOT fair ABC. COME ON.

She asks him again to leave. He doesn’t. WHY AREN’T YOU LEAVING ARIE?!? GO AWAY. Is he trying to get an angry emotion out of her.

Oh, finally he’s like, “Okay, I’m going to go” and you think he’s going to leave. BUT NOPE. HE IS STILL SITTING THERE.

Then he finally, after what feels like fifteen days gets into the black SUV and GOES AWAY. GOOD. STAY GONE ARIE.

Arie leaves Becca

And there she is, poor girl just stuck in that house. Watching herself on the big screen.

Becca watching Arie leave her

And you have to wonder just what she was thinking to agree to this.

Arie, Lauren and Becca are going live tonight. I don’t even know why she would EVER agree to that. And if I were Lauren, I wouldn’t have anything to do with it either.


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  1. Breakup often leads to negativity. Breaking up on camera was such worse way to go. If you want to end things talk to your partner and help them to understand the reason why you want to break up rather than simply walking away.

  2. Jamie,
    Turn. Off. The bachelor!

    These shows and their outcomes are run by the behind the scenes network & show people, who use research and polls to cause drama and chaos.

    How to stop awful, poorly handled antics like this?

    A.Do not tune in- Neilsen Ratings are the goal of this show. The higher the Neilsens, the more they can charge advertisers. Ka-ching, ka-ching, it’s all about the green!!!

    B. Don’t chat nor read about this show.
    Put down the “People” and all magazines that front cover anything Bachelory. Just don’t buy into it.

    Encourage everyone you know who watched this show To WRITE!
    The Bachelor used to be light, sweet “watch with your BFF” fun. I still just watch Show 1…and read about who won later.

    D. WRITE the main advertisers.
    Tell them how the recent seasons end was over and beyond the line of acceptabiity.

    That’s all from me. Glad you wrote about dear Becca!

    1. I agree, this was so unnecessary. I hope the network and Bachelor are quite proud of themselves, because I am not! The only reason I comment is for Becca’s sake, shame on all of you!

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