If You Ever See Square Waves In The Ocean, Run Far Away

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Spending a day at the beach sounds nice but what you may not know, might hurt you.


In this case, if you ever happen to see square waves or a checkered like pattern, you’ll want to get out of the water and run far away for a very good reason!


This natural phenomenon known as square waves or “cross sea” is made when waves collide from various angles and form squares in the ocean.


Sounds harmless enough, right?


And when looking at them, it is a pretty neat sight to see.


However, there is nothing pretty about what this brings and honestly, it’s a warning sign for you to get out the water and far away from the ocean.


The reason is because the currents under those pretty squares are capable of capsizing and tossing large ships up into the air!


When waves from one weather arrangement continue to proceed in the same direction, even though there has been a switch in wind, it causes waves formed by the new wind to race at an angle, creating a hazardous pattern.


Cross seas produce exceedingly dangerous riptides which is why you don’t want to be near them when it happens.


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