People Aren’t Buying Corona Beer Because They Think They Can Get The Corona Virus

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I am a bit in shock that I even have to say this but here it goes…

No, You Can Not Get The Coronavirus From Drinking Corona Beer!

Aw, I feel so much better already.

Are you wondering why I even had to say it? Well, apparently, people actually *think* you can get the Coronavirus by drinking Corona Beer.

Not just one, or two people, like THOUSANDS of people believe this.

I have no words…

Poor Corona, I bet their stocks have plummeted.

But let me make it clear – NO. You cannot get the Coronavirus by drinking Corona beer.

Well, actually you could but only if an infected person drank the beer first then you went and drank it after and who does that? Just don’t do it.

But people believe this so much that In the United States, Google Trends calculated that 57% of the people that searched for that information either searched for “beer virus,” and the remaining 43% searched for “corona beer virus.”

I guess I really shouldn’t be THAT surprised, but I am.

So again, Corona Extra is BEER you can buy in the grocery store.

No, it does NOT give you the Coronavirus (you can actually see how to protect yourself from it HERE).

The Coronavirus itself is just a name for a virus of that kind. Ever heard of MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV? Yeah, those are both Coronaviruses. You can read more about that from the CDC here.

The worst thing the Corona Beer will give it you is a massive hangover and maybe some heartburn (I always get it when I drink this beer).

Now move along with your day. Ha.

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