People Are Convinced Kayne West Is Having An Affair With Jeffree Star and I’m Not Buying It

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I am still trying to wrap my head around this…

People Are Convinced Kayne West Is Having An Affair With Jeffree Star. No, I am not kidding.

So, let’s back up here – Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are still married but according to reports are on the verge of divorce.


But aside from those reports, now people are saying that Kayne West is having an affair with Jeffree Star.

Yes, Jeffree Star the YouTube beauty sensation.


I just don’t get how it went quickly from Kim and Kayne’s divorce to Kayne cheating with Jeffree.

So, where did all of these rumors first begin?

Well, they first appeared on TikTok when a user by the name of Ava Louise revealed that Kanye has been allegedly hooking up with Jeffree.


i can’t say WHO cuz he’ll sue me hint hint but it’s part of the reason Kanye’s so religious now it’s his self hatred …. my source is legit I promiss

♬ original sound – Ava Louise

She claims her “source is legit, I promiss”. Hmmm… Okay…

I have to say, I call bullshit on the entire thing, why?

Well, because if that girl in the video above looks familiar it’s because she’s the one we saw that was licking toilets on airplanes for challenges back when the pandemic started.


Yeah. Her.

So, I’m pretty sure all those germs she ingested from licking toilet seats have gone to her head…


She has also appeared on Dr. Phil and has been known to lie to receive views and attention.

And according to Insider, there is no evidence this affair has ever happened…


So, what do you think? Are these two hooking up? Is it the reason Kim and Kayne may be calling it quits or do you simply not care?

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