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You Can Get A Lifesize Baby Yoda And They Can Just Take All My Money Now

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File this under I NEED IT!!

The world has fallen in love with little Baby Yoda — aka The Child. Rightly so, I mean, he’s only THE CUTEST little green dude ever to exist in the galaxy.

They are slowly (painfully slow) but surely coming out with stuffed animals, figurines, games, and even tumblers dedicated to the awesomeness that is this little guy.

NOW, SIDESHOW is coming out with a “lifesize” Baby Yoda, and he even has that furry hair on his head, and the gear shift ball that he loves so much.

They are calling him a “mixed media statue.” He is made of plastic and resin, and he has his signature tan cloak.

Baby Yoda is looking up with those wide Baby Yoda eyes, lowered ears, and a pouty expression on his face. Gah! He is so adorable!!

He is about 16.5 inches tall, and is standing on a simple ship deck — and he doesn’t need anything else, because I WANT HIM!!

Every inch of this incredibly lifelike figure has been meticulously detailed to recreate everything that Star Wars fans love about the young alien, from the fuzz on its wrinkled head to its irresistible pout, all the way down to its tiny, toddling feet.


He is a bit pricey, at $375, but you have to admit, he is pretty near perfect! He would make an absolutely stunning piece for any Star Wars collection.

If you don’t want to drop $375 all at one time, SLIDESHOW will take “Flex Payments” of $113 per month. You just have to go to the website to set it up.

This cute little “baby” is on preorder now, but will be released sometime between August and November. Gah! This would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for anyone OBSESSED with The Mandalorian.

To preorder this little guy, you just have to go to the SIDESHOW website. You will LOVE him, obviously. *Duh*

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