Here’s A List Of Ways You Can Increase Those Happiness Chemicals In Your Brain

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Y’all. If you are anything like me, 2020 has done a NUMBER on you, not just physically (Thank you Quarantine 15 — it’s a real thing), but mentally.

Seriously, deciding what to do with my kids and school is about to kill me.

I’m looking for anything to naturally make me a little bit more sane among the chaos around me. I’m getting really good at taking a minute just to breathe out the negative, and breathe in the good, but I need a bit more!!

So, my friend posted this meme on Facebook, and I decided to look into it a bit more.

Let me say THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. I am FAR from a doctor.

I am just one person, looking for a way to deal with the crazies around me — the ones I can’t control, the ones I shouldn’t feel I have to control, and my kids. Ha!

So, let’s start with Dopamine. According to Webmd (because, God knows, they are ALWAYS right), Dopamine is a natural neurotransmitter that our body makes that deals with pleasure. It also helps us plan and make decisions — hopefully good ones.

It also helps control heart rate, helps with sleep, mood, attention, and pain processing — to name just a few things.

Sounds like something I definitely need to make sure I have PLENTY of, flowing through my brain system.

According to Brainmd, there are a few ways to increase production of dopamine: listen to music, meditate or pray, sleep, and get a massage.

That’s a great place to start! I can do all of that. Actually, that all sounds WONDERFUL!!

What about Serotonin. I’ve heard of that, but what does it do? It helps with mood, appetite, sleep, memory, learning, and — uh — sexy time.

NATURAL ways to ensure that you have plenty of serotonin in your system include: break out that Thanksgiving turkey, because the tryptophan in the meat triggers serotonin in the brain.

Aerobic exercise also helps release tryptophan to your brain, as does bright light. Get yourself outside for 10-20 minutes each day for some sunlight and exercise.

If there isn’t sunlight, consider getting one of these light boxes that mimics sunlight. We bought one, and it has helped my husband immensely. Seasonal Affect Disorder is a REAL thing, y’all.


Now, let’s talk about Oxytocin. It is definitely the LOVE hormone. It helps ladies that are in labor (it signals contractions), and it helps men in the production of testosterone and sperm.

It may also play a role in recognition, sexual arousal, trust, and anxiety. Some research shows that the hormone may affect addiction and stress as well.


Yes, please. Give me some of that.

Some natural ways to trigger Oxytocin include: yoga, listening to music, get a massage, spend time with friends, have a lovey-dovey conversation, have — um — sexytime, and meditate or pray.

The last of the brain chemicals we will talk about are Endorphins. These are the chemicals that help with pain and pleasure. They might be my favorite brain chemical. *Wink*

Endorphins are released in response to pain or stress, but they’re also released during other activities, like eating, exercise, or sex.


Let’s talk about some natural ways to increase those endorphins.

Aerobic exercise is a good one, and along those same line — uh — sexy time will release those endorphins. Eat chocolate or drink wine (hey, I can’t make this stuff up). You can also watch your favorite comedy, because laughing makes those endorphins surge.

There you have it. Now, go increase those brain chemicals, and be happy!!

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