Here’s How To Make Sure Your December Baby’s Birthday Doesn’t Suck

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I have too many family members who have birthdays in December — including my husband’s who is on the 26th.

You might think a December birthday would be full of magic and wonder, but it pretty much sucks for that person who finds themselves celebrating their date of birth each and every December.

Just think — you have to compete with Christmas!

Who is going to feel special, when their birthday is overshadowed by the birth of a Messiah?!?

All you want is a day to celebrate YOU, but it’s always overshadowed by Christmas carols, festive red and green wrapping paper, and conflicts with holiday parties.

A December birthday always kind of feels like an afterthought, and it isn’t fair.

How To Make Sure Your December Baby’s Birthday Feels Special

There are several pretty important things to remember when it comes to a birthday in December.

Think of how YOU like to be treated on your birthday.

It needs to feel special, like a day set apart from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Think of it like oil and vinegar, if you will — both equally good, but the two shall never exactly combine.

1) Separate The Celebrations

Make Christmas and the birthday two completely separate events.

Sure, it just makes sense to combine a Christmas party with a birthday party — but don’t do it!!

Remember, it’s all about making someone feel special on a day dedicated to just them.

2) Use Decorations They Love

Ditch the red and green decor, and use their favorite colors.

I’m not saying to completely take down your Christmas decorations during the festivities, but be mindful about their wants and desires.

Do they like Spider-Man, Squishmallows, rainbows, unicorns, Alice in Wonderland, Superheroes, or Hello Kitty? Make THAT the focus of the party, and maybe not a fat man in a red suit and snowman everything.

3) Don’t Wrap Their Gifts In Christmas Paper

This is my husband’s #1 complaint about a December birthday.

There’s nothing that screams Birthday Afterthought more than using Christmas paper to wrap a birthday gift.

Treat the gift like you would ANY OTHER birthday gift, and splurge on birthday wrapping paper.

It might not be easy and convenient — I mean, you have about a million rolls of Christmas paper on hand this time of year — but it’s one little detail that will make that December baby feel special and loved.

4) Get Them A Birthday Cake

Sure, there are so many yummy holiday treats this time of year, but everyone wants a birthday cake on their special day!

Hit up that bakery, choose a cake that ISN’T Christmas related, and make sure you have them write Happy Birthday in really big letters across the cake.

5) Consider Celebrating A Half Birthday

What in the world is a half birthday?

When my husband was young, his parents, while always celebrating him on his actual day of birth, let him have a party that his school friends could attend in June.

I know, this seems pretty weird. But, think about it.

People are so busy during the holidays, his friends never had the TIME to come to his birthday party in December.

There was always a conflict with holiday parties, last-minute gift shopping, family traditions, and family get-togethers.

So, they had a blow-out birthday party — one his friends could attend — in June.

It literally hurt no one, and it made him feel super special and loved.

Don’t Let Your December Baby’s Birthday Suck

It just takes a little prep, some mindful consideration, and a little creativity to make your December baby feel special.

Don’t let their birthday be a Christmas afterthought.

Make it a day for them — a day they deserve.

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