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Cats Wearing Leggings Is The New Photo Trend And I Can’t Get Enough Of It

I just can’t get enough of fur babies!!

Whether they are posing on Instagram, doing tricks on TikTok, getting their photos taken while diving for toys, or showing off their mullets — I love all things cute and furry!!

That’s why I about melted into my chair when I saw these photos of cats wearing leggings.

OMG — these are just about the cutest thing ever.

Some might think these pictures are just a bit creepy — slightly terrifying, even — but I totally love them!!

These pictures make me want to grab my camera, and take ALL the pictures of my cat in some cute legging — although there is no way she would EVER go for it. HA!

Cats wearing leggings would absolutely take a chill cat, which my kitty is NOT.

Just check out these photos of cats posing in their finest leggings, and try not to love them!!

Here is one of my personal favorites! LOL!!

So, what do you think? Would you do this to your fur baby kitty?


If you do, I’m totally going to need to see pictures!!

If we don’t see the pictorial evidence, it didn’t happen, right?!? Ha!

I would totally do this instead of, you know, cleaning my kitchen. This is WAY more productive and totally fun!

And, I’ve saved perhaps the best for last!