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Moms Who Breastfeed: Please Stop.

This might be a personal missive, I’m not sure yet, so before you get your pitchforks and torches out, know that I’m writing this with love…and mostly to my two breastfeeding sister-in-laws. Look, ladies (gives SIL’s a stern look), I love that you breastfeed. I am all for you popping those big ol’ mama jamas out in public whenever you want. Hell, if I could get away with popping MY big ol’ mama jamas out in public, I’d TOTES DO IT. I am 100% team breastfeed (or bottle feed, whatever is best for you and baby). This is NOT a post about that. No. This is a post about all the weirdo things you (again, gives her SIL’s a look) do that are so gross that I can’t even. I. Can’t. Even. So, moms who breastfeed: please stop doing the following five things

Breastfeeding Moms Please, Stop.

Moms Who Breastfeed: Please Stop.

1. Drinking your own breastmilk – I know you say it tastes good, and you can quote a bazillion statistics why drinking cow milk is worse…but I’ve never had a conversation with that cow. I don’t have to think about her bodily fluids sloshing over my tongue and wonder if her baby is giving me a dirty look because it doesn’t like me, or if it knows I’m drinking it’s food supply…

2. Eating breastmilk popsicles – Again, pretty much same as above. And before you say it’s natural, organic, healthy…so is sperm. But I can’t – I CAN’T imagine people eating spermsicles, either.

3. Breastmilk coffee – Moms. Why are you ruining literally my favorite thing in the world? Do you know that now every single time I come to your houses, I bring my own? I shouldn’t have to say this, but please stop trying to get me to taste you.

4. Human cheese – It’s a thing. I looked it up. And whilst I don’t think anyone I know has attempted making it yet, I’m keeping a wary eye on the buffet table at family get-togethers all the same.

5. Squirting me – This one really is aimed squarely at my SIL’s. Your breastmilk is not a weapon. That look of horror on my face is real. Let’s just make a pact right now: you stop threatening to squirt me with boob-juice, I won’t pee on you. Fair enough?

pregnant woman

So, ultimately these are all problems with me and I get that. And you certainly don’t have to stop doing any of that, but just know that the barfing noises I’m making under my breath as you tell me about your breastcapades are not me dismissing your right to feed, but rather me being grossed out by human fluids in general.

Seriously, if you want to run around a field buck-naked, squirting milk at each other while singing “We Are The Champions” at the top of your lungs, go for it. But don’t be offended when I don’t trust the queso you bring to family dinners…

Also, I know you probably think I’m crazy and that none of this is a thing. But it is. IT. IS. Here’s just one site about alternate uses for breast milk of about a million…


Thursday 17th of August 2017

Haha.. the consuming of human milk/by products by me does seem gross, I don't know why, maybe because it's baby food... but I totally used to squirt my little sister!!!


Friday 7th of April 2017

Yeah, this is pretty insulting and ridiculous. The comparison to sperm and urine? And who threatens to squirt their milk? Enough people that you felt you needed to write an article?

I've never been one to consume my own breastmilk. But I certainly shouldn't judge anyone that did? I mean why in God's name does it make any sense to drink milk from a cow? But NOT FROM OUR OWN SPECIES? If anything is gross, it's the former.

Why not use your platform to share solely positivity? It's a gift to have influence....why waste it on nonsense? And then reply to people condesecendingly?


Friday 18th of March 2016

This is really useless in my opinion - I do not know a single breastfeeding mom who does any of those things and I know many (I am in Europe though).


Wednesday 17th of February 2016

I am a breastfeeding mother of 6 and while I personally have never consumed my own breast milk, I am not against it. But I would NEVER force it upon people or honestly even ask anyone to try it other than my child! LOL The squirting thing I think is hilarious though! Haha but it is mostly because I squirt my husband in the shower ALL the time!!! They are two water guns attached to me and they are always locked and loaded!!! Husband beware! ? I would just be happy that your sisters in law feel so close to you! I wish I was close enough to even my own sister to squirt her!


Wednesday 17th of February 2016

Your entitled to your opinion but it's really messed up that you compare a baby's food source to sperm and piss. That's disgusting. And thanks for renewing bad stigma and lack of support/encouragement for public breastfeeding.