You Can Get Mountain Dew Baja Blast Lip Balm and I’m Stocking Up

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Two words: Mountain Dew Baja Blast Lip Balm!


We can always count on the Dollar Tree to give us some pretty stellar products!

They have come through for us again, like a beacon of sunshine in this otherwise dreary world of social distancing craziness.

They totally have this Baja Blast Mtn Dew Lip Balm!! Yum, right?!?


I already have like 5 lip balms in my purse, but I NEED this now!


We LOVE the flavor of this teal-blue Mountain Dew beverage. We rush to Taco Bell, to get this wild flavor flowing out of their drink machines.

We say a quick prayer every time we stop at the convenience store: “PLEASE have Mountain Dew Baja Blast!!”


Now, thanks to the lovely people at the Dollar Tree, you can get this yummy flavor in a lip balm! And, I BET you, it’s just a buck!

Keep in mind not all locations will have this so you may have to check a few stores.

Courtesy of tmc_reviews on Instagram

You can get REGULAR flavor Mountain Dew lip balm at Claire’s, but Dollar Tree is the only place we have found the Baja Blast variety.


Dollar Tree also has a BUNCH of other lip balm flavors, and you should check them ALL out! I mean, awesome lip balm for a buck — you can’t beat it!


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