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Move Over Cheese Boards, ‘Charcuterie Cones’ Are The New Food Trend For Entertaining

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If you know me, you know that I love food. I also love the way food is presented.

That is why I LOVE food boards. They present yummy food is the prettiest ways. From french fry boards to pancake boards to halloween candy boards, if it’s food displayed pretty, I am THERE.


With that being said, it’s time to forget cheese boards because ‘Charcuterie Cones’ Are The New Food Trend For Entertaining and they make chowing down on your favorite foods even easier!


This food trend is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a cone filled with yummy food but of course, displayed super pretty. Almost too pretty to eat.


People all over Instagram and TikTok are sharing their Charcuterie Cones and they looking AMAZINGLY tasty.


Some are filling these cones with things like meats, olives, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Others are filling theirs with a mixture of cheese, meat and fruit.


Oh and people are even using this new food trend to feed their wedding guests. I actually LOVE that idea.

All you need is some paper cones (you can probably make your own at home) and some yummy food.

Then just stuff those cones up (of course while keeping it visually appealing) and serve!


You can even get a cone display so you can hold all your cones upright for serving.

I love this new trend and I think I’ll make it for date night this week!


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  1. If you can’t buy or make a cone board, what do you suggest putting them in?

    1. @Julie C Sevier, love the mason jar idea someone suggested. You could always put a few pieces of meat, cheese and maybe a fruit and/or a couple crackers in a cupcake/muffin liner!

    2. @Heather, they work great in the round metal holder we use for our K-cups! I use that for different kind of cones at parties. For my husband’s b-day I filled the cones with trail mix and put them in the holder. Worked beautifully.

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