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Disney World Is Allowing Adults To Wear Costumes For The First Time Ever and I’m So There

WooHoo! Disney is allowing Halloween Costumes in the Magic Kingdom this year, and I just booked my trip for October! I’m straight up giddy!!

Disney has had a policy in years past that no adult (13 and up) may wear a costumes in the parks.

This has made me a sad panda, because I am one of those DisNerds who would LOVE to dress as my favorite character while enjoying all the rides.

You always see little kids walking around the parks wearing princess dresses, toy story cowboy outfits, or other costumes that represent their favorite characters, BUT adults have not been able to dress in costumes, and that has always made me as gloomy as Eeyore.

This year is a weird year. Disney’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party has been cancelled — which is the ONE place adults were allowed to wear their favorite costumes.

However, the park announced Friday that guests of all ages will be able to wear costumes in the Magic Kingdom from Sept. 15 to Oct. 31, Halloween, during normal hours.

Fox News

According to People, the costumes will ONLY be allowed in Magic Kingdom, but I’ll take it!! I’m not even joking. I just booked my trip. Ha!

There ARE some rules you have to follow if you choose to wear a costume. The costumes must be kid friendly, and not cover your eyes. They also can’t drag the ground. You can’t pose for pictures or sign autographs as the character you are dressed as, and the costumes can not have sharp objects or weapons included in the design.

So, my Vanellope von Schweetz costume will be PERFECT!!!

Now, costumes can ONLY be worn in the Magic Kingdom Sept. 15 to Oct. 31. That isn’t a very long time frame, so I’m taking full advantage, and going down there just in time for Halloween. Who’s with me? *Cheer Emoji*