The Pallet Wall…A 2-Day DIY Home Improvement Project

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Regardless of the fact that I’m soooo not a construction professional, somehow I always find myself doing some crazy home improvement project. Last month it was tiling the living room, this week its The Pallet Wall…A 2-Day DIY Home Improvement Project.
Let me explain this Pallet Wall as it stands in my imagination….We have a huge living room that opens to our kitchen with the bar in between, which is pretty typical. However, one whole wall of that kitchen/living room space is windows to our beautiful backyard and pool. So, its like the indoors and the outdoors are sharing the space! My husband and I wanted to spice-up the view from inside and out by putting aged and pretty pallet wood planks across the wall of the bar, thus creating a kind of focal-point for all three spaces.
Sounds awesome, right?!
The reality of putting the project together, though, is quite a bit less fanciful. Especially with Mr. Husband-HandyMan’s #1 helper (me), being tied-up helping the kiddo with homework or Mr. HandyMan being in charge of cooking dinner. Apparently, regular life doesn’t hit pause when you have a new project! So, we had to do this project in fits-and-starts when we were both free.
Day 1 of the Pallet Wall Project
For me, the toughest part of any new project is taking an accurate measurement to start a project right, but we got this cute little tool, the Bosch GLM 15 to help make measuring just a little easier.
Although I’m just the “helper” (LOL! it’s the best position!), I was elected to take the measurements because he was busy inspecting the wood. So, yippee, I got to use the laser measure tool–and it was so very easy and made measuring so simple. No fussing with finding some way to weigh-down the tape measure on one end…nope, just hold the little box of magic up to the wall and push the red button!
Once we were done oooh-ing and awe-ing the little GLM 15, we set to work laying out our dimensions on the floor for how we planned to lay-out each board. This kinda took the rest of the day…oops. We probably could have been done before bedtime, but we apparently really like laying-out wood on the floor.
Day 2 of the Pallet Wall Project
Once we had the wood laid-out this really was quick in going-up. We had a little assembly-line going. First piece of wood handed from me to Mr. HandyMan, pop-in a couple of nails, second piece of wood handed…you get the drift.
Pretty soon, the wood was up and the wall-o-pallet was complete! We chose to bring the plugs to the surface, but we’ve seen online where other people hid the plugs…I guess its ok either way. and we also decided to pull-up the baseboard and then lay it on top of the pallet wood to make it all kind of finished-looking, but again, I’ve seen it done differently and it looks good too…although it’s kinda boring close-up…it is just a wall-o-wood after all…
So, there you have it–one more DIY home improvement project completed. On to the next one!
If you’d like to find out where to purchase one of the handy-dandy Bosch GLM 15 (that awesome measure-tool of magic), you can visit their website and just click on the “Buy Now” button to find a store near you.
The measuring for this project turned out to be so easy with the Bosch GLM 15, I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting one for both my dad and father-in-law for Christmas. If we didn’t already have one, I’d put it in my husband’s stocking! Who would you like to gift one to to this holiday season?

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  1. This is genius! I am going to follow them all. I will start my home project this coming summer.

  2. Great info and useful stuff for home 🙂 If you are interested or your florrs are tiles our tile repair service will help you @dsapone

  3. Glad that you managed to do this home improvement in 2 days, with your own hands! That’s so amazing. Can’t wait to see more of your DIY projects at home.

  4. Great article. I think I might do this for a couple people for Christmas in my workshop. I love this little tool too. own a roofing company and although I do not use it on the job a lot, I do have it within my workshop. Greta article, I appreciate you writing this.

  5. The Bosch laser measure is such a great little tool. So glad you utilized it and it made your job easier.


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