Some Restaurants Are Charging Covid-19 Surcharges And People Are Upset About It

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Have you gotten takeout lately? Did you look at your receipt? Were you charged a COVID surcharge? It’s quite possible you paid one, and didn’t even realize it happened.

Some restaurants have resorted to charging a COVID 19 surcharge, in order to keep prices stable.


Why? They have had to pay extra for cleaning supplies, face masks, and everything they are required to use to protect the public from possible contamination.

Not only THAT, the meat prices have gone, hopefully temporarily, THROUGH THE ROOF, so businesses have to recoup the money somehow. Have you heard there is a meat shortage?

Of course, they are passing the extra fees on to customers.

It only makes sense. I mean, they are having to pay more to stay in business.

Some argue that the restaurants are lucky we are still patronizing their establishments.

Some argue that it’s a small price to pay to stay protected and — you know — eat meat.

Customers have noticed fees upwards of 26% charged in excess, while some places are charging a flat $1 fee.

What do YOU think? Are you team “How DARE they charge me extra,” or team “Meh, it’s a small price to pay”?

If you think you are a victim of actual price gouging, you may report the situation to your attorney general’s office.

Otherwise, let’s pay the fee, and get on with our lives.

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  1. They need to post there is a Covid 19. Surcharge.
    Then you can cancel your order and go somewhere else.
    B.S on the surcharge.

  2. A surcharge is very understandable. Only so many people allowed . The surcharge should be posted .We already know what they have to go through to be open . If you don’t like it , eat at home. If you can afford to eat out you can afford a few extra dollars to keep the place open .

    1. well i know is small if you spend a few dollars is a percentage of what you purcharsed so price increases. I think is not a good time to increase prices people has lost jobs and still trying to support their favorite restaurant, if is a few buck how you said why to bother to charged. They need the business not people running away from them. We all in this togeher and is harsh for a lot of us.

  3. Not only restaurants. I got charged $5 covid fee on a haircut.


  5. Are we all going bonkers
    Everyone hase a hard time on there case flow
    Calm down, this is just making things more Difficult For everyone
    Stop this nonsens

  6. I look at it like this. China caused the virus and due to thier neglect of not reporting it when it cou,d have been stopped then the goverment should set up a trust fund from money provided by China and all merchants can submit those charges once a year to the goverment to recover that Corna-19 virus tax. WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAY FOR SOME BODYS ELES MISTAKE.
    sorry for the spelling when a mad I type fast and don’t proff read my comments.
    Have a safe and happy weekend. ??????

      1. Are you stupid or what? Trump shut travel from China as soon as he could and democrats called him racist.

  7. Without regulation they just attach an arbitrary percent charge? Can’t just ignore this. The menu gives a price. Most ppl are familiar with the cost of an item if it’s been purchased in the past. Yes, meat cost has gone up – so, increase the cost of the item – on the menu in plain sight. Then I can choose not to purchase – not as some almost hidden charge discovered later. Plus – I don’t feel responsible to make up the restaurants lost revenue as a result of COVID. Prices are being raised on all items. Just check them out before you complete the sale. It isn’t just meat – everyone’s trying to catch up on their profit.