Super Cute (FREE) Bathroom Art Printable

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had sensitive teeth. I’m that picky person who orders all her drinks with no ice, and drinks all of her hot coffee lukewarm. In short, it blows. Now there are special toothpastes that make things way less painful for everyone, and to help get kids psyched I’ve made you a Super Cute Bathroom Art Printable to remind everyone to brush! Super Cute Bathroom Art Printable

Super Cute (FREE) Bathroom Art Printable

As a parent, we want to do everything we can for our littles toward giving them a healthy and happy future. Part of that is building healthy habits and teaching them the best way to take care of themselves from a very young age.

But while it’s easy to frame good eating habits, and exercise habits for our kids, teaching them how to brush and keeping them excited about it isn’t quite as easy. While we have some control over what kids put into their bodies, and even keeping them active, brushing is very much a self-motivated activity. Forcing them to brush is something that can build resentment and even a negative association between brushing and their personal sense of independence, so we have to find other ways to make it fun, engaging, and keep them excited for life.

Did you know dentists recommend starting your kids on a mouth cleaning regimen before their teeth even erupt? This helps clear those gums of sugars and bacteria that can cause problems once those tiny buds pop out.

Good oral health starts before your child can even hold a toothbrush, and building those good habits starts before the teeth even make that first appearance!

Without taking preventative steps early, kids can begin developing cavities in their baby teeth. Those cavities can make brushing painful, and erosion of enamel can cause tooth sensitivity that might last a lifetime.

Super Cute Bathroom Art Printable

Sensitive teeth can be caused by a number of issues, but for a lot of people acid damages the enamel on their teeth and that’s why hot and cold cause so much pain. With kids eating acidic and sugary foods, or drinking soda that enamel wears down and causes pain. So kids might be reluctant to brush and might not even know why. Building those healthy habits while they’re young, and reminding them as they get older is an important key toward helping your kiddo’s have strong teeth for life.

I hope this printable helps your kids down a path toward good dental habits. Remember: Healthy smiles start young and last a lifetime!




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