The IRS Is Sending Stimulus Checks Out On Prepaid Debit Cards. Here Is What We Know.

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Are you STILL waiting on your stimulus check?

The majority of people have either received a direct deposit for their stimulus money, or they have received a paper check.

If you are still waiting on your money, it is possible you will get a prepaid ATM card in lieu of a check or direct deposit.

In some cases, the IRS is opting to send out ATM cards. This is happening if you don’t have bank information on file, and your payment is processing from the Andover or Austin area.

This will affect about 4 million people, so if you haven’t yet gotten a check, this might be your option.

Each card will come with instructions to activate your card, and will be delivered by MetaBank. So, be on the lookout. Don’t let it get thrown out with the “junk mail.”

If these cards are like other government issued debit cards, they can be taken to a Cash Points location, and you can withdraw money from the card, as long as funds are available.

Americans can track the status of their stimulus payments and add direct deposit information on the IRS website if those details aren’t on file with the agency. Those who don’t usually file taxes can also provide the IRS with their information to get their stimulus payment.

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To find out if you are eligible for a stimulus payment, you can get more information here.

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