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These Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops Come Stuffed With Ice Cream and Candy Inside

Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Bars are here, and I am completely ready to geek out over these.

Courtesy of dadbodsnacks on Instagram

These are RASPBERRY Ice Pop Bars, but they are unlike ANY Ice Pop Bar you have ever had. INSIDE each bar is a delicious vanilla frozen dairy dessert.

I’m not done! They have taken it next level. Just wait for it — they have put ACTUAL bitz of Sour Patch Kids candy inside the vanilla ice cream. I mean, WOW!

Courtesy of Sour Patch Kids

You get the sweet kick from the Raspberry shell, then the cool creaminess of the vanilla frozen dairy dessert.

Then — just when you think you have reached the pinnacle of flavor heaven, you are hit with the Sour then Sweet punch of the Sour Patch Kids candy bitz.


These are available 6 bars to box, so I’m going to need three boxes, please!

Courtesy of dadbodsnacks on Instagram

They have been spotted at Meijer stores, but it is rumored they will be rolling out to other stores soon.

I need them at my Walmart, like, NOW!

If you LOVE Sour Patch Kids — like I do — you might want to check this out. You can get a 5-pound bag of the Sour Patch Kids Candy right on Amazon! Yes, I said FIVE POUNDS! You’re welcome.