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Meet Warren Kwan, The Man Living A Double Life That Sued His Girlfriend When She Exposed His Lies

Do you all remember Jason Collier? Yes, the dude that had 2 Wives, 3 Fiances and 15 Girlfriends That Knew Nothing About Each Other.

Well, this story sounds pretty dang similar to that story…

Meet Warren Kwan, The Man Living A Double Life That Sued His Girlfriend When She Exposed His Lies.

Barbara Kwan

Yes, I said sued. Sit down for this one because it’s a wild ride.

Katheryn is a woman that had been dating a man for 2 years when he suddenly vanished in April 2020.


Of course, Katheryn was worried for her boyfriend’s safety so she filed a missing person’s report. To her surprise, the police informed her that the person she had been dating was not a real person.


When she dug a little deeper, she realized that the last 2 years of her life had been a lie and that the man was married.

She decided to post about it on TikTok to share her story and apparently, that guy, now known as Warren Kwan saw it and decided to sue her.


He actually sued her for defamation meaning he sued her for supposedly making a false statement about him.

Wait, what? How is that even possible? I mean, she is sharing the story that she was a part of and there is even evidence such as pictures (like the one above) that proves she had a relationship with him.

Barbara Kwan

That isn’t even the worse part though – the entire time that Katheryn was with Warren, he was married to a woman named Barbara Clement and Katheryn had no idea.

Katheryn has an entire series of TikTok videos discussing what happened but her and Warren had plans to move in together before he vanished so it’s safe to say that things were getting pretty serious.


The wife (Barbara) ending up seeing the TikTok videos after they went viral and posted on Facebook saying:

He always wanted to be remembered for something great. Congratulations Warren.Yes, I’ve heard about her videos. No I haven’t watched them. Kat is amazing for sharing her story and I can’t thank her enough. I’ll share more when I’m ready but thank everyone including so many strangers for their support. #hotgirlsummer (TikTok)


Woah – that takes a strong woman to post publicly like that.

This entire story is just crazy and I truly hope that dude gets what he deserves because Karma is a bit**.