Wendy’s Baconator’s Are Buy One, Get One For $1. Here’s How.

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Six pieces of Applewood smoked bacon, two pieces of American cheese, and two 1/4 pound hamburger patties. Slather some ketchup and mustard on the bun, and there you have the BACONATOR from Wendy’s!

Via Wendy’s

What in the world could be better than one of these totally awesome hamburgers gracing your lunch tray? Why, TWO Baconator burgers, of course!

How, you ask, are you going to get such a BOMB sandwich for only $1? Well, it’s super simple! All you have to do is place a MOBILE order for a Baconator, and Wendy’s will give you the option to get a second one for $1 more.


Now, don’t go into Wendy’s demanding your $1 Baconator with your lunch, because I just told you — IT’S ONLY IF YOU PLACE A MOBILE ORDER with Wendy’s.

*Gasp* But, you’ve never placed a mobile order at Wendy’s. What wizardry is this?!?


Don’t be so dramatic. Just download the Wendy’s app on your smartphone. You will have to set up an account, but don’t worry, it takes all of 45 seconds.


Now you have to go through and place an order. You can choose to Dine In, Take Out, or Drive Through the — well — Drive Thru.


Add the Baconator to your virtual bag. Go crazy and get the meal if you like.


Then you just click on OFFERS. Pick the one that says Buy One Baconator, Get a Second for $1.


Boom! Check out, and go get your food. You’ve earned it!


By the way, are you on the Keto craze? You can order the Baconator without the buns, and then you can enjoy this AWESOME deal, too!


While you are making your Wendy’s order, have you tried their CHOCOLATE FROSTY SUNDAE. OMG. You totally have to get one. You will thank me.


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