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Wendy’s New Chocolate Frosty Sundae Is Drool Worthy

Wendy’s has a new Frosty Sundae. You read that correctly.

Everyone knows that I am in LOVE with the Wendy’s chili recipe, but I also can’t get enough of their Frosty.

Wendy’s, the fast-food restaurant known for red-braided branding and square hamburgers, has just upped the sundae game.

My french-fry dipping just got more delicious (You know you totally dip your french fries in the Frosty, too!).

Not only can you choose between a chocolate or vanilla frosty as a base (If you don’t choose chocolate, we can’t be friends), but just look at those soft cookies and Ghirardelli chocolate sauce added to the top.

It is here for an unspecified amount of time, so grab yours up while you can!! OMG, look at that thick chocolate sauce!

It is NOT sorcery! It’s real. Don’t Pass Go, Don’t Collect $200. Get to Wendy’s now.

Cost and Participation may vary, but these beautiful masterpieces of perfection will run you about $1.99. Totally worth it!!

If you don’t get french fries with this, I’ll be disappointed. This gooey goodness just calls for the saltiness of some dipped french fries!!

Is it life-changing? LOL! You’ll have to taste if for yourself to decide. They are smaller than a normal Frosty, but they are only $2. You know you have $2 worth of change floating around in your car. Gather it up, and get one.

Now, excuse my while I Google my closest Wendy’s restaurant. If you need me, I’ll be there eating a chocolate sundae WITH french fries!

Talk to Wendys

Saturday 2nd of November 2019

My recent French fries are even more delicious (You know you cut out all your French skin in that frosty, too!). Not only can you choose between cold and vanilla as a staple (If you don't choose chocolate, we can't be friends), but just look at the soft cookies and Ghirardelli's chocolate sauce added to the top. You are here for an unspecified amount of time, so fight yours while you can !! OMG, look at the thick cocoa sauce! I have talked about TalktoWendys with them. You are NOT sorcerer! The truth is Don't Get Go, Don't Get $ 200. Get it now by Wendy.