Here’s Where You Can Get The Storage Containers In Netflix’s ‘Get Organized With The Home Edit’

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Have you heard of Netflix’s newest home organization show, Get Organized With The Home Edit? If you haven’t you are in for a wild, organized ride!


Basically, it’s a show that teaches you to organize your home in an easy 3-step system using colors to organize. Personally, I love it and it truly speaks to me (The Marie Kondo System DID NOT).


With that being said, if you are a fan of the show, you are probably wondering where the heck you can get all their cool storage containers for your home, right? Well, I’ve got you boo.

Where Can You Get The Home Edit Containers?

In the Netflix series, The Home Edit team talks over and over about the awesome storage containers, hangers and accessories they use to help organize spaces.

While they may not be inexpensive, they are certainly easy to obtain because the storage containers The Home Edit team uses is from The Container Store!

I am seriously excited because I have a Container Store about 20 minutes from home house. Yes, this could also be dangerous.

The Container Store actually has an entire section on their website dedicated to the storage systems used by The Home Edit.

They have everything from the hangers you see Home Edit use to hang purses to the acrylic clear boxes you see them store shoes, clothes and other items in.


The Container Store also makes it super easy by offering sections dedicated to the certain areas of your home you want to organize.


Oh, and guess what? You know those adorable handwritten labels they put on the boxes? Ya, you can buy those too!

The Container Store

You can shop The Home Edit storage systems here. Keep in mind that shipping is free on orders of $75 or more. You can also place an order line and use curbside pickup at a location near you.


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  1. I highly suggest you update this story. Like lysol wipes the container store is out of stock and online out of stock of products that they use on the home edit.

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