Pepsi Is Releasing A Hot Cocoa Flavored Soda That Has Notes Of Hot Chocolate And Marshmallow

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Alright I give up, Pepsi you win. Every time I vow not to drink soda for the week you come out with another new interesting flavor such as this one.

Introducing Pepsi’s newest and very intriguing flavor, “Cocoa Cola” and that’s not to be mixed up with Coke’s “Coca Cola” soda.


Pepsi’s new “Cocoa Cola” combines the classic Pepsi taste with notes of hot cocoa and a hint of marshmallow!

Courtesy of Pepsi

However, there is a catch if you want to get your hands on this new flavor. Pepsi recently tweeted,


What’s sweeter than saying “bye” to the worst year ever? Pepsi “Cocoa” Cola – the latest concept from the Pepsi Test Kitchen. Want to try and get your hands on it? 2,021 RTs and we’ll make a batch.


So if you want to try the new flavor, you’ll have to do your part, retweet the post and tell your friends, family and neighbors to hop on Twitter and to do the same to reach over 2k!

Managing over 2k retweets should be a piece of cake. So far the tweet currently has 1.4k retweets and by this afternoon, I have no doubt the hot chocolate will go viral.


Pepsi might even consider the new flavor a permanent one if the tweet goes viral, who knows!


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