Work Dinner Makeup on a Taco Bell Budget

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It’s your day off and you just got the most amazing, well deserved massage ever.  You’re definitely not dancing to One Direction in the car on the way home when your husband calls.

“Hey Babe! I’m here at Bonefish with Steve and Don (colleagues). Their wives are on the way- can you make it?”

You swallow the panic and flip down the mirror. You have that toilet seat shaped line around your face from laying on the massage table. Your hair is a disaster. You happen to have an outfit (just picked up the dry-cleaning) but you have no eye makeup on and about 15 dollars in your purse. Bonefish is across the street and home is 30 minutes away.

“Uhhhh….Sure.” He knows that you were just at a spa. You know you cant ream him out in front of his co-workers.

He will pay for this later. After he buys you exorbitantly priced drinks and appetizers.

I hope you’ve got an awesome mirror in your car, girl. Here’s how you can get Work Dinner Makeup on a Taco Bell Budget.

work dinner makeup on a taco bell budget

First find your nearest drugstore and pick up the following items:

1. Wet N Wild Color Icon Walking on Eggshells Trio ($3)

2. Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner: Brown ($6)

3. E.L.F. Volume Plumping Mascara ($3)

Ok. Lets do this.

1. Create a quick wing with your brown pencil eyeliner. We are going to be blending this out with your finger, so keep in mind that it will grow in size when you’re drawing it out.

2. Ignore the old lady getting into her car next to you. Blend out the eyeliner by patting the edges with your finger.

3. What the F*$# is she looking at? Turn slowly and stare at her back until she starts her car and leaves. Take the crease color in the palette and use it to set the eyeliner and smoke it out further.

4. Take the color labeled ‘eyelid’ in the palette and pat it in the center of your eye. Turn on your air conditioner because all this hustling is making you sweat.

5. Pat the ‘Brownbone” color into the inner corner of your eye, and on your brownbone. Blend it by tapping with a finger that doesn’t already have eye shadow all over it.

6. Line the outer half of your lower lash line with the pencil and smudge it out with your finger. Is One Direction the radio again? Do a quick check to see if anyone is looking before you take a mini dance break. That song is obnoxiously catchy.

7. Line your upper waterline. Start thinking about what appetizer you’re going to order that will make your husband cringe for his wallet.

8. Add some mascara. Brush out your hair.

9. Pose.

work dinner makeup on a taco bell budget


You breeze into the restaurant like a freakin’ goddess. Your husband gives you an apologetic smile. You smile sweetly and pat his hand, then turn to the waiter and order the most expensive glass of wine they have.

That’ll show him.

Check out more tutorials using this Wet N Wild Palette by clicking the photo below!



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