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Turns Out, You’ve Been Baking Cookies Wrong Your Entire Life. This Little Hack Will Take Them To The Next Level.

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It’s here…

That cookie baking season of all cookie baking seasons is upon us.

Your traditional cookies are fine — probably fantastic, even.

But, did you know there is one little hack to baking cookies that will take your delicious cookie creations to an entirely new level of tastiness?

Now, you can either start with your own cookie recipe…

Or, you can get a prepackaged mix.

Either way, they are going to turn out fan-freaking-tastic!

This is, seriously, going to be your new cookie baking tradition.

I especially like to try this hack with chocolate chip cookies, but really, any cookies would work here.

You’re going to make them like usual, but add in one special ingredient.

Are you ready for this?

Vanilla pudding mix.

Yep. Vanilla pudding. Straight out of the box.

You want to make sure you get the “instant” pudding, and not the kind you have to cook.

Add the pudding in with your dry ingredients, and mix like normal.

Then, you are going to bake your cookies at 350º for 12-13 minutes until they are done (you know your oven).

When you take them out of the oven, let them cool slightly. You don’t want to burn your mouth, now do you?

Wait until they are just warm. Not hot — but definitely warm.

Then, take a bite.

Tasty, right?!?

You’re welcome.

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