1. says

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  2. Rose says

    did you hot clue the ponytail holder to the zip tie? I really couldn’t tell.
    this really is the best tutorial on pony O’s I’ve seen…

  3. Megan says

    Great video!! These are super cute. Have you though to hook the ponytail holder into the ziptie before you tighten it, or does that not hold as well? Just a thought!

    • says

      @Megan, If you do that, then it puts too much pressure on the Pony O, and they break because of the plastic rubbing against them. I tried it… and that’s what happened. :(

  4. Emily H. says

    Very pretty!! Now I need a tutorial for using pony o’s. My daughter’s always end up upside-down or all cock-eyed with ribbons flying out in all the wrong places. Ridiculous.

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