How To Make a Rockin’ Cheer Bow

I love a good craft,*and lately I’ve been all about making bows. So, I decided my daughter’s team needed giant cheer bows. And, because I’ve learned the importance of research when it comes to hand-making stuff, (seriously, you can save loads of cash with a simple google search) I tried to find out how to make the perfect cheer bow.

Well, I ended up at the yellaribbon site. Get it? Cheerleaders yell—so they wear yellaribbons? I’m not going to lie… I love a good play on words. They have the ultimate cheer bows there. They’re sparkly, shiny, and sure to give your girls 1000% more pep.** You can see my favorite one here. I did an internet search for “how to make a yella ribbon” and when that didn’t turn up anything… I realized I was going to have to teach myself. Now I know how to make the cutest cheer bow ever, and I wrote up this little tutorial (aside: did you know they call them “tuts” on craft sites? Why do I hate that so much?) and you will too.

***Don’t forget to click the pictures to see a larger version***

headshot 209x3002 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Why yes, yes internet–I am aware that my daughter looks like a tiny beauty queen here, but she really loves cheering… so I just pretend not to notice.

First, we need to cut the ribbon.

stepone 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Now, it’s time to sew the ribbon together.

  • Don’t put the ribbons on top of each other. Instead, lay them side by side and use a little zig sag stitch to grab the edges of both ribbons. You’ll have to play with your machine a bit to see which setting is best, but I had mine set at 1.5 for both settings. This step isn’t an absolute necessity, but these are cheer bows, and the last thing you want is for them to break apart mid-competition.

steptwo 224x3002 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Don’t worry that they’ll be all wonky looking when you’re finished.

  • Just try to keep the stitch as straight as you can and grab both ribbons. It doesn’t have to be perfect–we’ll cover the front part with fabric later–but the stitch will show on the back of your bow, so don’t go crazy or anything.***

wavyribbon 224x3002 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Iron your new giant ribbon.

  • This is my favorite part–which is weird, because normally I hate ironing.

ironedribbon 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Okay now it’s time to add the awesome.

Lay out the super shiny fabric you’ve chosen for your cheer bow.

  • (Hint: most cheerleading uniform companies use Mystique Spandex How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow**** on their uniforms- so if you can’t find something to match at a craft store, you can probably find an exact match online.)

Now, you have two choices here, you can either iron Heat’n Bond Strips How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow to the back of your spandex and cut them out, or you can iron a big piece of Heat’n Bond How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow and then cut out the strips.

  • I suck at the rotary so I needed the guide the pre-cut strips provided for me–but you can do it either way.

heatnbond 300x1512 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Lay them down on the back of your shiny material and iron them on.

  • Now you just have to cut out the strips. (I did several at a time so I didn’t waste a lot of material.)

rotarystrips 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

(Don’t panic, I didn’t turn into a dude or anything–he’s just better at cutting straight lines than I am.)

It’s time to iron on the strips.

  • You don’t want to put your iron directly on the spandex, it might melt. So use a towel or cheesecloth in between. It doesn’t have to be fancy–you’re just trying to keep the fabric from ruining.

ironedstrips 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Do them one at a time!

  • And do it a little piece at a time because spandex stretches when it’s hot–it also gets WAY hot super fast, so BE CAREFUL! When you’re done with one side, it should look like this:

finishedironing 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Now, you can flip it over and iron the heck out of it.

  • I had my iron set to cotton, and it worked just fine–even with the ribbon that had the ironed on dots. You want to make sure it sticks really good, because in a minute we’re going to be squishing things thing all over the place, and you don’t want it to come apart.

ironedback 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Cut the ends into fish tails.

  • I recommend folding it over like this:

endfold 224x3002 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

And cutting at a diagonal.

fishtail 300x1512 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

They should come out pretty even.

  • Run a lighter along the edges to prevent fraying. I’ve tried several different methods (fray check, wood burner, etc.) but I always go back to the lighter. Just be careful not to melt your spandex too much.

fishtailfinished 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Now, fold your ribbon in half and put a dot in the very middle with a pen or a marker.

  • Just be careful not to let it bleed too much. (My fingers look crazy weird in this picture–what gives?)

pendot 300x1512 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

We’re going to use a template to make the loops, but you don’t have to.

  • These are so easy to make. Just take a piece of cardstock and cut it to 7″ x 10″ then cut a tiny strip in the middle. It just has to be big enough for you to see the dot you made.

template 300x2602 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Now, fold the ribbon over and slide it off the template.

templateslide 300x1022 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Once you’ve done that, squish your ribbon together.

  • Now, when we put the zip tie on, it already has a memory of how it’s supposed to look.


squish 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Wrap a zip tie around the middle and pull it half way tight.

  • Leave enough room so you can move the ribbon around to shape the bow. If you mess it up, just cut off the zip tie and start all over.

ziptie 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

ziptienottight 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Once you have the bow looking exactly how you want it to, use pliers to pull it super tight.

  • Make sure the big part ends up on the back of your bow, toward the bottom–that way it won’t show through anywhere.

ziptiepliers 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Cut the end of the zip tie.

  • This is what your bow is going to look like, so if you don’t like the shape, then don’t use any glue until you’re satisfied.

ziptiecut 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

finishedzip 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Now, we need to hot glue the ponytail holder How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow.

  • Don’t use the thin ponytail holder How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow–they’ll break.
  • I recommend Scunci No Slip Ponytail Holders How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow, but they’re sort of expensive–so if you’re making a lot of these, you might want to just go with a regular scunci ponytail holder that doesn’t have any metal.
  • Once you have that glued, let it sit until the hot glue is dry, that’s an important part of the bow–you want to make sure it’s on.
  • I usually dab a little more hot glue on top to make sort of a seal.

ponytailglue 300x1512 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Now, take about four inches of 7/8″ ribbon.

  • Heat seal the ends and tie a little knot in the center.


centerknot 300x1512 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Hot glue the center knot to the front of the bow.

  • I always do this part first so I don’t have to worry about the knot ending up at the wrong spot on the bow.

centerknotglue 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Use as much hot glue as you can without it squirting out the sides and making a big mess to wrap the ribbon around the bow.

  • Do the bottom first, then the top–that way you won’t have the edges sticking out of the top of the bow–it will be on the lower back where no one can see it.

centerknotglueback 224x3002 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Here’s the finished bow!

finishedbow 278x3002 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

Don’t forget to make some for the rest of the team–you don’t want your daughter to be the only one with a totally awesome super cute cheer bow, now do you?

lotsofcheerbows 300x2242 How To Make a Rockin Cheer Bow

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, and I’ll answer them if I can!

*read: distraction from what I’m actually supposed to be doing
**Seriously, you realize this is a bogus claim, right?
***I just imagined a bunch of crafty divas going crazy–it’s not pretty.
****As someone who just searched for that term while sitting in the coffee shop… let me warn you to make sure your safe search is on. :)


  1. Cassie says

    Love your bows! I also make bows for my local cheer program! One thing I do a little differently is I zip tie the hair tie to the bow, so there is no worries about it coming unglued when the girls are stretching it around their hair. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Christine says

    Could the ponytail holder be slipped into the zip tie before closing? And how wide ate the spandex strips? Love this and definitely was able to follow your instructions (and loved the commentary!).

  3. says

    quisiera saber que tipo de tela se utiliza, para hacer los moños que queden firmes y duros que no se caigan con facilidad, me serviría mucho su ayuda gracias

  4. emm says

    ok my squad gets $30 bows each season (we are talking like multiples) this is goanna be fun to try and see if its really worth 30 bucks

  5. Wendy says

    Is there a trick to where you place the rubber band? I made 16 for my daughters team and they were so cute but wanted to lay flat on their heads. I want to make one that stand up more.

  6. Missy says

    I’m a bit confused on how you iron the shiny material to the heat-n-bond! What side do you iron on, shiny or heat-n-bond?!

  7. Stacey says

    Great job on the bows! Where do you find the mystique spandex? I read through the comments about making the bow stiff. Thank you so much for that. Which one do you find to work better, the starch or the hairspray?

  8. LaShaunte says

    Hello, I love your hairbow n I watch mostly all your videos on YouTube. I have question can u please do a video of this hairbow.. I don’t understand the heat seal stuff. I am visual learning. I learn better that’s thank you so much if you can. Happy New Years!

  9. Jennifer says

    My daughter is on her high school cheer team. All she’s asked me to get her for Christmas are supplies to make cheer bows. The only items I know to get her is ribbon, zip ties, and ponytail holders! I don’t even know what type or size ribbon to get! Could you offer some suggestions??? I would REALLY appreciate it!!! Thank you!

  10. christina Malaise says

    Can u make a you tube video for us who dont understand all of ur directions. lol I would love it and share it. Question 2 can u make a double side one? Thanks

  11. says

    Hi there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with
    us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely loving the information.
    I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Great blog and fantastic design and style.

    • says

      @Kenzie, spray starch or hairspray should work. Basically, I soak them in it, and then let them dry. Cheap hairspray works better than the more expensive stuff.

  12. Michelle Davis says

    Good Morning, how to make a personalized BOW I would like my bow to say

    i SPOT
    i BASE

    and where would i get the letters from…are they iron ons?

  13. Michelle Smart says

    The templates work great. Use them all the time. I am currently using Diamond Rolls, But was wondering why so secretive? You have had the best YouTube videos. I love to mix the ribbons. My daughter plays softball so I make them smaller.

  14. Rachel Bell says

    So Fun! Thanks for the great advice. Feeling relieved with all the bows I have been needing to make. I’ve been wanting to find to securely attach bows to Cheer Shoes! Another project to keep me busy.

  15. Jess says

    I just want to thank you!! I challenged myself to make 35 cheer bows for my daughters cheer leading group for there annual concert, then I realized they weren’t as easy as I first though, that’s when I googled and found your page. They turned out perfect using your simple steps. Thank you :)

  16. says

    The well-known Hollywood studios can no longer dictate exactly whatthe general public really want or will get as they did historically. If you happen to add to that distribution world wide web, media, web sites, from rumor to entire videos. It’s a brand new world. Some of it good, some not.

  17. Shelly says

    This bow looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!!!! My daughter also likes the solid colored bows made with 4 inch grosgrain ribbon. Do you have any clue where you can buy that type ribbon or any ideas on how I could make them just using fabric?

  18. says

    Thanks for a very informative web site. What else could I get that kind of info written in such a perfect manner? I have a mission that I am just now operating on, and I’ve been at the look out for such info.

  19. Jess says

    My cheer squad just got a flash new uniform and reasonably cheap but pretty cheer bows are really hard to come across in the UK so this tutorial was a life saver! Made gorgeous, stiff bows that sit really nicely in the hair and they have had so many compliments!

  20. says

    Thanks for the marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you
    will be a great author. I will make certain to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back at some point.
    I want to encourage continue your great writing, have a nice weekend!

  21. Caitlin says

    I am 14 and im going to a cheer camp and trying to make bows for my team ad dont have any sewing skills or know how to use one i was wondering is there any way to us 1 1/2 and 7/8 ribbon together to make about 3 inches without sewing??? Please respond quickly!!

  22. Melissa Faucett says

    I was wondering what the final width is before you begin the actual bow making? Also would this work with a French barret instead of the pony o?

  23. Nikita Phillips says

    thank you soo much for this! I got your site from another boutique mama! and I just love this! my niece just got on the comp cheer team and I am going to be making her bows for the rest of her life in cheer lol!!!

    thank you again!!

      • Caitlin says

        @Jamie, Is there a way to make the 1 1/2 and the 7/8 ribbon be next to each other WITHOUT sewing? im in a pickle and i really need to know soon!!!

  24. Alexandra says

    Your bows are perfect and amazing! Your tutorial is great! So much detail and explanation/ clarification.

    But I do have one question-about the last step/part where you tie the know and wrap it around- can you really just break that down for me?

    I get that you take 4 inches, and then I am lost… Thankyou so much! :)

  25. says

    @ patty
    if you are needing to make one I’d go to Hobby Lobby and buy 3″ ribbon… if you don’t see it in the regular ribbon section check in their wedding section ;-)
    in order to make your bow stiff, I’d still use this tutorial’s method of ironing ribbon to ribbon using heat and bond.
    they also carry iron on and glue on rhinestones.
    This is an excellent tutorial, BTW!! :-)
    I so wish I’d found it when I very first started making bows!

  26. patty says

    I love these. they are great..
    i am just looking on how to make a bow with ONE ribbon… My daughter has a show coming up and has managed to leave her bow at her grandmas and it has gotten lost…
    its just a white ribbon with rhinestones… help!!

    • Caitlin says

      @patty, just do the same steps without adding all the extra ribbon! use white ribbon with wire so it wont flop around like normal ribbon

  27. Desty says

    Can you make a group of bows and someone pay you for them??? We have 8 girls on JV that needs some bows???

  28. Jamie says

    Hi so I do cheer and its just to much to be buying $15 blows just for practice I wanted to make them and i was wondering how thick your ridden should be?

  29. Kimmy Thomas says

    Can you tell me what sites you have for bow instructions? I love the way that you make your bows!

    Thanks so much,


  30. Shelby says

    Can you list the materials to me please?! Great instructions by the way!! How much is it for you to make one of those?! I want to make some but want to make sure there cheaper than buying one!!

  31. Shelby says

    Can you list the materials to me please?! Great instructions by the way!! How much is it for you to make one of those?!

  32. Rya says

    I am making a bow for something completely different but this tutorial is so simple and absolutely perfect for what I’m doing! Thank you!! :)

  33. pożyczka pod zastaw domu says

    A person necessarily assist to make severely articles I’d state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and so far? I surprised with the research you made to make this actual post amazing. Magnificent process!

  34. Natalie says

    This cardboard template & zip tie idea is GENIUS!! I have made cheer bows several times & sometimes they were cute & sometimes they were not! But this method is FOOL-PROOF!!! THANK YOU for saving me HOURS & HOURS of time!!!
    One question though…….
    If I don’t want to cut the ends of my bow tails in the V-notch like competition bows, do you have any tips on how to cut the edges straight just at an angle(so when u hold the bow up the bottom of the tails looks like it has been cut almost straight across with the pointy V-shape on the outside edges?

  35. the platypus people says

    do you think that this bow would be platypus safe? I would really like to attach it to my platypuses collar

    • Natalie says

      @Morgan McCannon, I have used sequined cloth in place of the spandex, however, it is not an easy task to cut any material into perfect strips! Any type of ribbon will work, but I have noticed that the grosgrain ribbon is more sturdy & hold the shape much better than anything else I have tried. And be sure that the total width of the ribbon you make the bow out of is at least 3″ wide, or else the bows look too skinny especially if you stick to the template size shown in the pictures, which will make a 6-1/2 to 7″ wide finished product.

  36. Marlene says

    So helpful! 2 quick questions: what did you use to attach the spandex to the ribbon? Would you recommend using the pony holders with the metal part on it so it won’t get damaged by rubbing against the zip tie? Thanks again!

    • Natalie says

      @Marlene, you can the “Heat To Bond” strips or sheets, the same brand as shown in the photo tutorial above, & just follow the directions on the back of the package. The hair ties with the metal connector usually are not as durable as the metal-free type, & while you can use them, they are less likely to hold up with frequent use, & tend to pull away from their metal clasp. If you must use the hair ties with the metal connection, then I would recommend gluing the metal part & part of the stretchy hair tie on either side of the metal part to the actual bow, & hopefully it will not fail. Because there is nothing worse than having your pony tail holder to cause your team to lose at competition!!

  37. Allison says

    What so you use ti cut the soandex matireal After you’ve attached the iron on matireal. It looks as if it a pen of some kind, also the clear ruler he is using to measure the matireal where can I get one? Thank you

    • Natalie says

      @Allison, you can get the clear ruler at any craft store, like Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics, to cut the material, you can buy a straight edge, something similar to a carpet layers utility knife, but smaller & with a sharper edge to make a cleaner cut on delicate or heavy materials. You can purchase these at Michael’s or JoAnn Fabrics as well, some Wal-marts even carry them, they usually run anywhere between $5-$10. If you are going to use the straight edge to cut your fabric, you need to also purchase a cutting mat to protect your table or surface you will be cutting on, these mats are also available at the above mentioned stores. If you can not find a clear ruler that is made of something more durable than plastic (since the straight edge will cut into the plastic, leaving your “ruler’s straight edge” not so straight, you might go with a metal ruler instead, but if a clear ruler is available (that will withstand your straightedge) & if your fabric has a pattern on it, you should definitely go with the clear ruler, so you can plan your cuts according to the direction of the pattern, without a lot of guesswork.

  38. Becky Voss (cheer mom) says

    what type of glue do you use when putting a ribbon on top of another without the glue showing through especially if your ribbon is white?

    • Natalie says

      @Becky Voss (cheer mom), you don’t use glue, use the iron on “Stitch Witchery” available at any craft store & at most Wal-Mart Stores. Read the directions on the back & use a pressing cloth, or old pillowcase, to keep your iron from actually touching the ribbon to prevent any accidental damage to the ribbon or embellishments. Just lay your base ribbon down, pattern side up, & then lay a strip of the iron on “Stitch Witchery” cut to length of base ribbon, on top, then lay the ribbon you want “glued” to the base ribbon, on top of the “Stitch Witchery” & line it all up so you cant see any of the “Stitch Witchery” sticking out under the top ribbon, & work in sections, starting from one end of the ribbon & working towards the other end. Tip: Don’t move the iron until you have finished adhering the two ribbons together because it will cause all three layers to shift without your knowledge & your finished product will be less than perfect! Hold the iron steady on top of the pressing cloth with your ribbons & “stitch Witchery” lined up underneath for 15-30 seconds depending on the type of ribbon used (you could even pin the 3 layers together at the opposite end for more stability, then lift the iron straight up & move down the length of the ribbon a few inches & repeat the process, if you mess up, just reheat the “Stitch Witchery & pull the ribbons apart while the bond is still hot, realign the ribbons & repeat the ironing process. After you are satisfied with the alignment of the two ribbons, flip the now 2-layered ribbon over & iron the entire length, like you normally would, gliding over it lengthwise in a back & forth motion until you can hold the ribbon up by one end & not see any wrinkles in either side of it, you can even use a light body starch when ironing to give the bow more structure & a stiff appearance.

  39. Libby L says

    Excellent tutorial – just wondering what the best way to heat seal is.
    Do you know a good supplier of ribbons in the US we are stretched for choice her in Oz!!

  40. Brittany says

    What type of sewing machine do you have, I’m trying to figure out which type to purchase when making bows such as this. Also, where did you get it and how much do you think your paid for it if you don’t remember.

  41. Taylor says

    Hi, my co-captains and I are making cheer bows for our team for breast cancer awareness month. I was just wondering if the bows needed to be sprayed with anything to make them stiff like the ones we buy?

  42. Cassandra Ramirez says

    How do you make the tails so perfect? I can’t seem to get them right. :o(. Also, where do you get your ribbon?

    • Ali Dumas says

      @Cassandra Ramirez,

      Crazy super sharp scissors are the only way I’ve found to make the tails so perfect. I fold them just like she shows and snip them. I also run ribbon through the flame of a lighter to seal the ribbon. I don’t know what that would do to spandex though so be careful!

  43. Megan says

    First off, THANK YOU for sharing! This is the first REAL bow tutorial I have seen!!(: and wear where do you get your spandex?

    • Natalie says

      @Megan, you can purchase the spandex material at any fabric or craft store, or online, just google buy “Mystique Spandex” by the yard, or by the bolt, which is what they call it when you are buying the entire “spool” of fabric instead of only purchasing 2 or 3 yards.
      I have also used the sequined material instead of the spandex, to make Cheer Bows & they turned out beautiful!

  44. Michelle says

    I love this tutorial! Im about to make some bows myself this weekend.. Question. On the mystique fabric what size of strips do I use? I’ve reread it (perhaps I missed it) but i need exact specifications to make my firs cheer bow so I know how to do the rest! Please let me know!

  45. michelle says

    I wanted to tell you that I love the ribbons and appreciate you giving a tip filled “how to”. I used this technique to make ribbons for my daughters Volleyball team! They loved them!

  46. georgia says

    i usually use cotton, but zip ties work just as well! i used to not use cotton or anything before adding the middle ribbon, but now i do and they’re totally the bomb!! :D x

    • georgia says

      @georgia, cotton as in a reel of cotton, cut a bit off, wrap it round the middle really tightly, and knot it about 5 times x

  47. Vittoria Duque says

    Wow! I am a cheerleader and we were searching for good websites for how to make bows. This website is just amazing! And i am going to get material tomarow to try this! :)

  48. Maureen says

    Thanks!!! I needed this type of bow for my dancers for our PINK OUT game, they turned out great!!! Simple instruction and loved the step by step photos!!!

  49. Nancy King says

    I love the zip tie idea! I have been tying mine with twine, sometimes I get blisters. I have been making cheer bows tons this season. I actually do not stitch mine and just use the ultra bond (you need to make sure you really give it enough heat). I have the process down to about 15 minutes. A little trick on making the bow itself… I like to use the bowdabra, it keeps the bows together better while you build it. I have made over 500 this season :) Ugh, my hands hurt!

  50. Roberta says

    I was just wondering wouldn’t it work just as well to just put the pony tail holder on before you close the zip tie rather than gluing it on.

  51. Madison says

    Can you do a bow tutorial where the ribbon is totally covered in fabric or where there are “swoops” on the bow?

  52. Shanny says

    Thank you! Ive been dying to know how to make these for a long time! Question, trying to decide if I should DIY or just buy through our bow contact because she’s giving us “a great deal”… How much $$$ do you think 16 bows would be… (using all the material you used)? I just want an idea of what I’m getting myself into!

    • Mema says

      you can make them for around $2.50 per bow. Considering the time it takes the bow maker, I feel $9 each is a really good price. Only if they are made the way they are in this tutorial. The result of this tuturial gives you the nice stiff bows that hold their shape, the good chher bows you find in the cheer shops. You can find cheaper bows that are floppy and shapeless for far cheaper, but you would not want these.

  53. Judianne says

    I also heat bond a wide ribbon to the back prior to making the bow so my stitching doesn’t show. Nice tutorial

  54. Victoria says

    Its my first time ever making bows and this cheer bow is super cute!!!!! So thanks for telling me how to do this!!!

  55. Brandyn says

    I am SO glad that I found your {{fantastic}} tutorial….because I just received a request for 9 CheerBows to be worn at the OLYMPICS Opening Ceremony in London!!!

    {{ BTW~I kind of hate the phrase ‘tut’ as well!}}

  56. Chelsey says

    I was just curious about the total price of these… I am a high school cheerleader myself and would much rather make the bows if they would be cheaper then buying bows for 9 girls…

  57. Tina says

    I always have problems getting the pinch in the center. What do I do? I have always done a back n forth fold.

  58. Natalie says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I made one as a gift for my “big sister” (just like in a sorority, but for cheerleading) and its adorable!

  59. Mia says

    Hello, these are amazing. I’m a cheer leader and I sometimes make bows but I was wondering if you knew how to make “tick tock” or “switch kick” bows? If so could you do a tut? Thanks

  60. Kristyn says

    thank you sooo much! Ive been making bows for awhile now for my sister and other cheer friends, and have been trying to figure out how people use fabric and spandex on their bows. So helpful!

  61. michelle says

    So cute! And awesome instructions! My only problem is when I put spandex over the zigzag seam, you could really see it sticking up thru spandex. Did yours not do this???

  62. says

    Me and my mom just made our first bow from this site you have made and we absolutely adore it! My first game is tomorrow for my Junior year and everyone is going to be wanting one! Thankyou!

  63. Justin says

    I find when i made these that the glue gun didn’t keep the hair elastic on well enough and had some bows go flying.

    I incorporated the hair tie into the zip tie and i have had no problems!

    very helpful tutorial though!


    • says

      @Justin, I actually don’t like putting the elastic in the zip tie because it tends to break. I’ve found that if you use high temp glue it works better than low temp glue.

  64. Katelyn says

    I’ve never made bows before and I got assigned making them for the whole team. This was really helpful and they came out GREAT!!!! Thanks for the tips :D

  65. lauren says

    What do you use when you put rhinestones on? I’ve always had a problem with them eventually following off with a couple of times of use.

    • Justin says

      @lauren, i have used super glue, hot glue, and liquid cement (kind of like an epoxy)

      i find depending on the fabric you have to change the glue.

      and a tip for putting them on use a big set to plastic tweezers

    • Justin says

      @Rachel, use a cutting wheel. It kinda looks like a pizza cutter. You can get them made for cutting fabric

  66. Juju says

    Super cute. Making these for a competition in a rush. No sewing machine!!!! How do you skip the sewing step and use heat and bond or something??? Please reply!!!

  67. McKenna Sebelist says

    @Jamie Harrington, I love making cheer hair bows they are sooooooooooooooooo cute on your little girl. She is so adorable

  68. Lesli Burt says

    Thanks so much !!! This was an amazing tutorial and everyone thought I was so smart…. I made them for our cancer awareness game….. Pure genious you are !

  69. Brooke says

    Thanks so much for this – I actually put the hair tie inside the zip tie (eliminating the hot glue step). I used binding to keep the glitter ribbon the grosgrain one. So cute!

  70. Andrea McCloskeey says

    Thanks so much!!!
    zip tie= Brilliant, I was having trouble getting the scrunch, never thought of a zip tie!!!!
    Thanks so Much!!!

  71. Robyn says

    Thanks for the detailed information! I am currently making some for my daughters, however, I am wondering if you know how to make them stiff, so they don’t flop around. I used the heat bond and the loops and tails are still floppy. Any ideas?

    • Blu says

      @Robyn, I’m a cheerleader and my mom makes bows a lot. She swears by spray starch. It looks like a can of spray paint and you can buy it at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn’s and Michael’s.

  72. Charlotte Yoder says

    Thank you so much for the detailed instructions! I have 60 bows to make before a competition on Sunday, don’t know what I would have done without you!

  73. Nicole says

    I am a little confused on the bonding of the spandex, is that like sticky stuff and then the heat from the iron seals it? Thanks! Oh and have you bought the spandex online before? i was wondering how the edges already look finished in yours, did you have to do anything to the spandex?

    • says

      @Nicole, It’s this stuff called heat ‘n bond. It’s not sticky until you heat it up, then it just sticks it to the ribbon.

      I didn’t do anything to the edges of the spandex to make them look finished– it’s almost like t-shirt material in that it can look finished without anything done to it. :)

  74. lakisha says

    lol oops all kind of typo’s in that last post sorry. I’m using my phone with a swype keyboard and it has a mind of its own.

  75. lakisha says

    hey!! from one cheer mom to another your now came out great. I was wondering what type of sewing machine fo you use. because I make all sorts of bows and recently made some got my cousins team and made them last year for my daughters team. anywho a sewing machine will be a god send lol but I don’t know anything about them. I need one that would do that zig zag stich thing lol please help me!


  76. Qabrielle says

    U are wonderful. I needed 22 quick bows for a BBall game tomorrow and without you I would have been a hot mess. I did not have any zip ties tonight and I am in a hurry so I used the wire out of the extra ribbon I had. I also was only making a standard bow to get us by til our backorder comes in. I book marked ur site and will use in the off season to make amazing tuts because of you. I send pics! Thank for saving my rear tonight…

  77. Shawna says

    I have a question about the spandex, after you cut it do you fold it so the edge is smooth or does this spandex material look like a finished edge already. does this material fray along the edge? thanks for this tutorial

    • says

      @Shawna, It looks like a finished edge already, so you can just leave it. That’s what I did, and that’s what they do on most of the bows I’ve seen at the cheer competitions. (I always stop the girls and check out their bows.)

  78. ALyssa says

    How would you recommend attaching the ribbon when you are only using one wide ribbon and one smaller patterned ribbon?(wide light blue, thin polkadot)

  79. FunnyBunny217 says

    wear do you get the sparkly fabric?…im trying out and these bows are A-MAZ-ING!!!!

    P.S. Luv the instructions!! :) :) :)

  80. Meridith says

    Really wish I had found this site a month ago!! Would have saved my mom’s some money. ;O) I’ll be trying this out in the off season so I can get just the right bow for next year! :O)

  81. Donna says

    Thanks – this was super helpful. I made pink “breast cancer awareness” bows for practice and they turned out great. I used sparkly pink ribbon in place of the spandex and it looks really cute!

  82. Amy says

    Great bows!!! I make them too and hadn’t thought about the zip ties. That’s great.

    Question though…..
    I make the bows were you glue a shiny Mystic Spandex onto 3″ grossgrain and I am having problems finding the right glue that stays adhered to the spandex and doesn’t bleed through.
    Do you have any suggestions besides heat and bond strips…. they peel apart on the spandes and the full sheets make the bows too stiff…
    Thanks for the info

  83. Chloe Sweetser says

    Thank you so much for this post! I made these for both of my teams and they came out great! So much cheaper than buying the completed bows from a cheer company and so many more choices!!! Thanks again, this was great!

  84. Kelly from UK says

    I make my daughters bows for cheer but yours look so much better I am going to try your way.

    I just took delivery of some cow skin print ribbon and cows printed on ribbon so will add with black ribbon to make a super funky ribbon.

    I usually glue ribbon togther rather than sew but will give sewing it a go.

    Hope mine look as good as yours

    xxx Kelly from UK

  85. Noemi says

    OMG. Totally awesome I love the way you make the bows look so perfect. Recently I became really intrested on bow making, but I love the way the cheerleaders bow looks and been dieing to make them seeing your instructions is really going to help by the way where do you buy your ribbon and is it hard, because seen some and their hard. :)

  86. Chelsea says

    I am a coach and have been trying to get a good tut for making bows and this helped ALOT! Im only 17 still in school and no job how much did this cost? Also were did u get the shinny pink ribbon from is it just a cloth you have to cut up?

  87. Chelsie says

    I don’t have a sewing machine…so if I skip the sewing step would I just lay the 3 pieces next to eachother and then attach the shiny material on top of it…and that should hold them together?

  88. Cyndi hawkins says

    Wow!!! You know how long I’ve been looking for some help like this. I will be trying this this weekend. What would you sell one for?

  89. Sylvia says

    Love the bows and your tut was super, I have a question though what size did you cut the mystique spandex? Thanks so very much.

  90. Amy says

    Never seen a zip tie used, but that is a great idea! Maybe put the PonyO in the zip tie before you pull it, that might secure it even better than just using the hot glue. Awesome instructions im going to try the zip tie trick!

    • Marianne Parker says

      @Amy, I wouldn’t put the pony tail holder through the zip tie. The holder is what typically breaks – our bow maker repairs broken pony tail holders after EVERY competition. If you put it through the zip tie – you’ll have to take the whole bow apart.

      • Amanda says

        @Marianne Parker,
        I tried this and my girls loved the hair tie through the zip tie, been through dozens of games and comp with no issues. High school girls so lots of tumbling and baskets with big hair! I have even fixed some company bows that have broken with zip tie reinforcement and it works so good!

  91. Nancy says

    Thanks for the mention. Very clever use of my husband’s name to increase hits when people search for my company. I like the zip tie idea. Might try it myself.

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