20 Dazzling DIY Sugar Skull Crafts

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How much do we love sugar skulls? Seriously, I don’t think I know a single person who isn’t obsessed with these gorgeous images. From art work to clothing, to cartoons (Monster High, anyone??) sugar skulls are Everywhere. And in celebration of that we wanted to bring you 20 Dazzling DIY Sugar Skull Crafts. Fall is coming, Halloween is right around the corner, and Dia De Los Muertos right after that. get a jump start on your decorations with these awesome, and gorgeous crafts. Have fun!

Dazzling DIY Sugar Skull Crafts

20 Dazzling DIY Sugar Skull Crafts

  1. Dress up your Vans with these awesome custom Vans tips and all of your friends will be super jealous.
  2. How sweet are these sugar skull dolls? Perfect decorations for any time of year, but especially for those who really go all in for autumn.
  3. This sugar skull t-shirt is easy enough for practically anyone to make. Make this one for the whole family, then go celebrate Fiesta down in San Antonio.
  4. Want a sugar skull craft that the kids can do? Check out this sugar skull bracelet. Cute, easy, and totally on fleek.
  5. Bedazzle away with this awesome crochet skull pattern. It’s practically a crafters gold mine with yarn, jewels, and an awesome pattern.
  6. More fun for kids with this sugar skull kids t-shirt. Send them to school in style with this fun craft.
  7. Did you go to Mardi Gras? Not sure what to do with all those leftover beads? Check out this awesome beaded skull!
  8. Make your own custom skull mask of your own child’s face. Working on this project together is a way to make lasting art you’ll talk about for years to come.
  9. Even the littles will love getting into the spirit of the holidays with these paper plate skull masks.
  10. Looking for decorations for that Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos party? Check out this sugar skull garland.
    Dazzling DIY Sugar Skull Crafts
  11. This embroidered felt sugar skull project is perfect for bigger kids who want to be more involved in crafting.
  12. Even your younger kids can help make these easy sugar skull sneakers. Just lay down the lines and create away!
  13. Want a fun project that takes a little more patience and skill? Take a look at this sugar skull made out of sugar. Gorgeous and fun for any party.
  14. This sugar skull necklace is chunky chic and awesome for any fashionista crafter who wants to stand out this fall.
  15. Don’t just carve your pumpkins this year. Paint them to look like these sugar skull pumpkins. Everyone will be talking about your incredible imagination with this one.
  16. These sugar skull stones are fun for the whole family, and make great year round decor.
  17. Light up the night with these sugar skull luminaries. What an awesome way for you to show your sugar skull love and brighten those darker nights.
  18. Short on funds but not imagination? You NEED this painted sugar skull. All of the supplies come straight from the dollar store, and this is a perfect decoration for any fall front door.
  19. These polymer clay sugar skulls are perfect for bigger kids or for anyone who wants lasting sugar skull art to hang around their house.
  20. Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos year round with these sugar skull planters. They’re a beautiful and useful craft that adds the perfect pop of color to any home decor.

BONUS!!!! Check out this pattern for a Cross Stitched Sugar Skull Storm Trooper. Seriously, this is the perfect project for any Star Wars crafter. Seriously, seriously, you Have to see how amazing this one is.

Dazzling DIY Sugar Skull Crafts

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