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Make Your Own Sparkle Rocks

Make Sparkle Rocks by Totally The BombWe love rocks. They’re seriously one of my favorite things to craft with because they’re FREE! I love painting them, but that doesn’t always hold up when we put them in the garden outside. So, I found this glitter glue at the dollar store, and we’ve been painting all of our garden rocks to sparkle! This would be perfect in a fairy garden!

Make Sparkle Rocks

  1. Find an awesome rock
  2. Wash your rock. I used dish detergent. (It doesn’t have to be totally free of dirt, just get off the big chunks.)
  3. Let your rock dry .
  4. Take your glitter glue and paint all over the rock. Depending on how much you use, it could take several days to dry. So put it in a place little hands won’t mess with it.

Now you have a sparkle rock!


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