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3-Ingredient Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Latte Recipe

The Vanilla Latte is one of the most staple drinks at Starbucks…and honestly any coffee shop. It’s easy to order, it’s sweet, it’s strong. What’s not to like?


With social distancing still in effect, the regular trip you may be used to taking to Starbucks probably isn’t happening. But we’re here to help with our series of DIY Starbucks drinks from home! (Be sure to check out my favorite: Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew)


The Vanilla Latte at Starbucks is made up of only 3 ingredients, making this super simple to make from home!

It consists of milk, espresso, and vanilla syrup. That’s it! Below I’ll show you exactly how to put it together for the perfect consistency!

The first ingredient that goes in your cup is Vanilla Syrup. You can get this online or at your local grocery store. You can also purchase a bottle of Vanilla Syrup from Starbucks as long as they have enough in stock to sell them. (sugar-free as well!)

Next is the espresso. Starbucks uses Espresso Roast in the Vanilla Lattes, however you can also order it with Blonde Shots. So use your own preference! There are super cheap Stove-top Espresso Makers on Amazon, as well as Fancier Automatic ones, which in my opinion, are definitely worth the investment!

And finally, the milk. At Starbucks, they use 2% milk for their lattes unless you specify something else. Use whatever milk you prefer!

For hot vanilla lattes, warm up your milk with a Milk Frother, stove-top, or microwave. If you want to make it iced, pour cold milk straight into your cup and add ice!

As I said before, this is a super easy recipe! What are some more complicated drinks you want us to cover? Comment below! (And be sure to check out our Medicine Ball Recipe!)


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  1. Put your vanilla syrup and shot of espresso in the bottom of your cup
  2. Add milk (hot/steamed for a hot latte, cold for iced)
  3. If you are making this an iced vanilla latte, add ice!
  4. Enjoy!

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