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You Can Get A Freddy Krueger Frappuccino From Starbucks That Is Frightfully Fantastic

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It’s almost Halloween and you know what that means? Time to pull out all of our spooky recipes, celebrating some of this season’s famous characters!

Freddy Krueger is a very well known for being the creepy character haunting dreams in Nightmare on Elm Street. He’s an iconic Halloween fright, making it perfect for one of our secret menu drinks!

This drink represents the colors that Freddy wears while haunting dreams, but don’t be afraid, because the flavor is DIVINE. The only haunting that could happen is if you drink it too fast and get a brain freeze. 

So grab our recipe below and get ready to get chilled by our spooky drink! 

How To Order A Freddy Krueger Frappuccino 

Start by ordering a Grande Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino with extra purée.

Then, ask for strawberry inclusions to be added.

And finally, ask for mocha drizzle to be added on the top and bottom of the cup!

It’s a very easy drink to order, but will give you amazing results! As the drink sits, the mocha drizzle starts trickling down the cup to give it a spooky effect! That’s the best part!

If you’re still confused on how to order this, be sure to check out our TikTok video below for the easiest way to order it!


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