You Can Get an Animated Carousel Tree Topper That Rotates With Santa’s Reindeer

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When we think of a carousel we tend to remember horses moving in a circular motion. 

The Mr. Christmas store has upped the ante when it comes to the children’s amusement ride and have turned horses into reindeer for the holidays. 

Currently selling on Amazon, a nostaliga tree topper made for the holidays. 

Courtesy of Amazon

Dressed in gold, red, green, and white, this holiday decoration is the center piece of your tree along with an illuminated golden star on top. 

Courtesy of Amazon

An animated tree topper that continuously rotates with Santa’s reindeer, simply plug in and watch Rudolph and his friends circle around the star.

A tree topper that easily attaches to any real or artificial tree, the included simple mount with velcro straps hugs the center of the tippy top of your tree.

You can currently find Santa’s animated reindeer carousel on Amazon for $90.

Courtesy of Amazon

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