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The Classic Supermarket Sweep Episodes Are On Netflix Right Now and I’m So Excited

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There is one game show I have ALWAYS wanted to go on. I would completely dominate on the show SUPERMARKET SWEEP!

Like, literally every time I go to the grocery store, I play a mini version of Supermarket Sweep in my head. I plan out the route I would take, if it were me running for cash and prizes.

Guess what. Netflix has added 15 episodes of the 1990s FAVORITE classic game show, Supermarket Sweep, to their lineup of great programming!

Netflix has TONS of original programming, but there is just about NOTHING that can beat the crazy game show that is Supermarket Sweep.


Anyone else want to yell at contestants, during the Big Sweep, just to head right on over to the meat section, and pile up on the steaks, turkey, and other meat?!? Don’t waste your time on bread and cereal! I should totally be on this show.

Did you know that Supermarket Sweep first aired in the 1960s? I was shocked, too. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the show found its niche among other fan favorites like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, and Win, Lose, or Draw.


The show had contestants taking part in several mini-games that could earn them extra time for the Big Sweep, though they also got to keep items they collected on the way there. The Big Sweep would have them using the time they amassed throughout the episode to run through the grocery store and collect high-value items, including giant bonus items.


If you haven’t heard, there is a NEW version of the awesome game show that is Supermarket Sweep coming to ABC later this year. It will be hosted by SNL alum, Leslie Jones.

I’ve always dreamed of being on Supermarket Sweep. Seriously, I tried out for the show years ago; and after getting turned away, I knew I’d have to take matters into my own hands. Being able to bring the iconic game show back to life on ABC is my ultimate redemption story!

Leslie Jones via ComicBook.com

We can’t wait for the NEW version, but for now, catch 15 GREAT episodes of classic Supermarket Sweep right on Netflix.


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