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Netflix Just Released A New Feature That Allows You To Remove Things From The “Continue Watching” List

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How many times have you tried to give a show a chance only to not be able to get into it at all?

For me, that was Tiger King. I tried y’all! I really did, but I was only able to make it through 1 and 1/2 episodes. So there it was stuck in the continue watching row. Well, Netflix added a feature called “Remove from row”.

My husband made fun of me for weeks because Tiger King popped up under continue watching because I had said…”I’m not going to watch it“. Yet I tried, and there was the evidence. His favorite thing to do is tease me.

That has actually happened to me many times, I try to watch something and I stick it out for about 10 minutes. It’s super hard to hold my attention, so I lose interest in things very quickly.

The “continue watching” feature annoyed the hell out of me. It was always there taunting with my failed attention span of attempting to watch shows or movies and then opting out.

But now, those can be removed!

You can click on a title in the row and then “Remove from row” at the bottom.

Apparently it has been available for a while for some people, but I had no clue until people starting talking about it on Twitter. They also started offering it on iOS devices on June 29th.

Some people may not have the option available yet, but there is another way you can remove the shows from “Continue Watching” as well. You can hide them.

When you hide things from your viewing activity they will be removed from the continue watching row as well. This can take up to 24 hours to disappear from the subscriber account on all platforms though.

Do you have the “Remove from Row” feature yet? Did you already know about it?

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