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Starbucks Is Selling A $3 Color Changing Cup for Valentine’s Day and I’m On My Way

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Y’all might remember when I told you about those Christmas color changing cups that changed from green to red back around the holidays.

Well, guess what?!

Starbucks Released A Purple Color Changing Valentine Cup and OMG It’s The Cutest Thing Ever!!

Unna Valdez

This cup is a bright purple color with a red hot lip on the front and two more lips on the back.

Unna Valdez

When you add something hot to the cup, the lips on the cup changes color!!

The lips change color to a hot pink!!

Some stores already have these available although they don’t officially launch until January 5, 2021.


Some stores sell these for $1.50 while other areas sell them for $3.00 each.

They are sold individually and such a great addition to any Starbucks cup collector’s stash.

Unna Valdez

I cannot wait to find one because they are adorable!

Oh and guys, if you are seeing this, your ladies totally want one of these for Valentine’s Day! Just saying!

Unna Valdez

And in case you’re wondering, you can see the other Starbucks Valentine’s Cups below.



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