Starbucks Valentine’s Day Cups Are Releasing Tomorrow. Here’s The Cups You Can Get.

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You’ve probably seen our post circulating around now about the Starbucks Valentine’s Day cups that are being spotted. While some are finding them in-store, others are coming up empty handed.

Well, we have now received word from our Starbucks insider that the Starbucks Valentine’s Day Cups Have A Release Date and it is SOON.

Starbucks Valentine’s Day Cups Will Officially Be Released on Tuesday, January 7th (TOMORROW) at both Target Starbucks locations and stand alone Starbucks locations.

There are several new designs including the clear mug with the confetti heart sprinkles like the one below.

They also have hot tumblers, cold tumblers, and even a mug that is baby pink covered in pink glitter. OMG!!

They have so many cute designs, it’s hard to not want them all (which if you do get them all, no judgement here).

Anyways, on top of the Valentine’s Day cups, we’ve also heard there will be new drinks coming too for the holiday/season so keep your eye out.

As soon as we know more (on Tuesday) we will let you all know first!

While you wait, go order something off the Starbucks Secret Menu and then come tell us in our group what you got!

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